Old CC, Bad Grade, Possibly Not Reporting. Odds? Tips?

<p>Major Dilemma.</p>

<p>In Fall 2009, I had signed up for a CC that was like 30 miles away. Basically i didn't go through with the class, I was 19 at the time and I just recently remembered, checked, and found out I got an F.</p>

<p>I am trying to ATTEMPT to petition it, per the site:
Modesto</a> Junior College: Petition Process</p>

<p>Said two years.</p>

<p>Now all of a sudden they are saying some new, undocumented rule, is out saying it's only one year. However currently with my current CC GPA, i am at a 3.28.</p>

<p>I am on the verge of just not reporting it on my TAG application.</p>

<p>What should I do!??!</p>

<p>:( kitty is so sad.</p>

<p>I don't think it would be concerning a grade that you would be petitioning. I would go with this one instead: Modesto</a> Junior College: Student Petition which will allow you to bypass that 2 year deadline. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>hmmm, just might work sir/madam. juuuust might work.</p>

<p><em>thumbs up</em>

<p>I really do not see what there is to petition here. You enrolled in Modesto Junior College in 2009, registered for a course, did not satisfy the requirements for a passing grade in the class, did not withdraw from it by the specified date for withdrawal and received a grade of F for the course. </p>

<p>The petition regulations state that failure to meet deadlines, which would include course drop dates, are not petitionable. You will probably get lucky and Modesto J.C. will likely agree that an F on your permanent academic record is an overly harsh penalty to pay for what sounds like a simple innocent oversight and find some way to keep it from damaging your GPA.
You will still have to report on your UC application that you were enrolled at Modesto J.C., registered for a course and the eventual outcome of the case.</p>

<p>@UCkittychen that really sucks!
We are less than a month away from TAGs opening and now you have to deal with this dilemma. </p>

<p>I want to say just omit it entirely.
If the petition doesn't go through I would just report, instead of the UC's finding out this grade for themselves. </p>

<p>BTW: How much will your gpa decrease because of this??</p>


<p>**as of 4:25pm, they called me back and told me they will allow me to petition the grade!* </p>


<p>@screename, hey, so my GPA is at a 3.28 Assist, so with the F in, it takes it to a 3.02 or something.</p>

<p>but all is well, because i never attended the class, I'm confused why the stupid professor couldn't see the student never coming on the roster. i was only like fresh 19 at the time, young and dumb you know. that sorta stuff never happens to me now.</p>

<p>i know its ultimately MY responsibility, but any other time, i would have had to made sure to be in class to not get dropped if i wanted to stay in the class, get me?</p>

<p>but it'll get removed, ill be okay. so i am just going to omit it and it will fall off. i'm back in the game here. ha.</p>

<p>hey kitty, are you still tagging with uc davis?</p>

<p>@UCkittychen Congrats first of all!</p>

<p>Yup that 3.02 would have really been a killer when applying regularly though. </p>

<p>I guess that prof. was just too much of an a-hole and didn't try to contact you on whether you wanted to keep the class or not. #Typical</p>

<p>Wow haha. Well, it shouldn't annoy you since she's making the initiative to asks the questions that itch at her and she deals with all the trolls (with a little help), like you just saw. Let her speak her mind haha.</p>


<p>I'm attempting to transfer to uc davis or uc irvine, how about you?</p>

<p>Interesting :)</p>

<p>Well, I'm headed toward UCSB this fall :p</p>

<p>Hopefully Pharmacology and yes, UCSB is a beautiful campus :). I wouldn't have it any other way! But I'm sure you'll come to love whichever school you go to.</p>

<p>On a side note: Keep the threads coming. I actually take interest in what you say, instead of those rampant chance threads :p</p>

<p>Lol. Which UC campus has the most comfortable dining common chairs haha..</p>

<p>well because TAG is coming up and I'm sure a lot of new people will register to ask questions and things, and common app is opened, well actually that wouldnt be this thread.</p>

<p>are any of you doing common app?</p>

<p>True enough. When the time comes around, CC will flood with TAG'ers and Common App'ers..</p>

<p>what is your GPA?</p>

<p>why no irvine or UCLA?</p>

<p>I'd rather not talk about my GPA xD.
But I'll admit that it did ultimately come down between SB and Irvine. It was a difficult decision. I'm gonna catch some sleep now but I'll be looking out for your threads :)</p>

<p>"I'm confused why the stupid professor couldn't see the student never coming on the roster." Just gonna leave that there for whoever was confused as to how I came to the conclusion that the OP agreed with the sentiment that the professor should be more responsible. Good night.</p>

<p>because as i stated, in my previous situation, had i been enrolled in anatomy or any other class i desired/detrimentally need, i probably would have been dropped if i hadn't of been there for the first day or so.</p>

<p>of course i know i should have dropped IF I COULD HAVE, as i bolded previously. </p>

<p>so you have never had a professor drop students who never went on the first week or so. if you were a professor and you called roll, you would call that student every day and mark him absent for ever day class met in that semester?</p>