Olin Class of 2022 Discussion Thread

Going to candidates weekend #2! So excited. Coming from Seattle.

Me too!!! What weekend are you going?

February 23-24. You?

@ViolaMom12 People do get off the waitlist. We know of someone in my son’s CW who was originally waitlisted for CW and is now a very happy upperclassman at Olin. It definitely happens. Once people realize that they have to attend and its too big a trip for someone who might not be all that interested in the school, spots open up. Best of luck!

Thanks, MuggleMom!!

Does anyone know how many people generally get off the Candidate’s weekend waitlist?

sschwitters Our son will be there weekend #2 also. From WI. He is eager to meet the other candidates.

International student from India here. Got invited to CW1!!

My daughter is asking to come CW2 as well. Initially invited for CW3. She’s very excited to meet the other candidates. From TX.
Do parents typically also come or just the student?

kidoma My son said there would be more info in the portal according to the invitation letter.

@Kidoma Congrats to your daughter.

Plenty of parents go to CW. It’s entirely up to you if you want to go. Something I really appreciated was meeting the parents of my student’s friends. It helps with the community feel.

Weekend 1…best wishes to you. Looks like it will be a lot of fun

Wow…hope we can meet!

I attended CW last year with my son and I am so very glad I did. It is very informational, heartwarming and fun. It is very good for your child to have someone to compare notes with at the end. Parents and candidates are not together so you won’t “cramp their style” by attending. I highly recommend it if you can afford it.
I will be going back this year for CW3 as a volunteer and happy Olin mom.

My kiddo got on CW wait list. Anyone have a guess to odds of there being declined invites, so they might be invited?

@farmermum They definitely pull from the waitlist. Students/Families that aren’t as excited about the Olin Culture but applied anyway sometimes find the distance or the whole concept of CW inconvenient and they drop out, opening up spaces for Wait Listed kids. As I said before, I personally know CW wait listed kids that are now happy Oliners, so it does happen. As for how many… I don’t know if there is a trend for that. Best of luck to farmerkiddo.

Thank you so much for taking time to respond. Just like everything else with parenting, you think you have all your emotions in line and can proceed “keeping it cool”. Then. Well you’re in it and…well you don’t feel as cool as you thought you could.

farmermum and others asking about the waitlist–Feb. 6 was the deadline for candidates to accept the invitation. The instructions read…After February 6th, students from the stand-by list will be invited to take the place of non-respondents.

Good luck!

Olin absolutely 100% has pulled from the Candidates’ Weekend wait list in the past and I can attest that coming from the wait list is not a handicap. Once you’re at Candidates’ Weekend the field is leveled.

He got the call Friday and is heading to CW1!