Olin Class of 2022 Discussion Thread

Hey guys! Thought I’d start a discussion thread since candidates weekend invites are a week out. Super pumped but very nervous!

Excited to see a new thread started. I don’t see many discussions about Olin on here… have you heard back about CW yet?

My daughter was notified that the CW invites would go out via email on 2/1.

I’m super anxious, Olin is my number one choice by far and away, but my GPA freshman and sophomore years were not at all good. While I picked up the ball in Junior / Senior I still feel like I might not get the invite and it’s all that I can think about X_X

Good luck to all of you. I just go off the phone with my kid at Olin (a member of the class of 2020). Shockingly, three semesters in he is still excited enough about classes to call and enthusiastically tell us of a compelling conversation he had in class. Believe the Olin hype. A couple of years ago it could have been him writing what @phonymacaronie wrote above. He pushed hard and he is a successful Oliner. I hope you folks make it too.

Good luck to all the applicants. Our son is eagerly waiting for the CW invitations too. Olin rose to the top of his list after visiting last spring. The project-based curriculum is a great fit. He is keeping busy with build season for FRC but Feb. 1 cannot come soon enough.

@kidoma Who notified your daughter about the CW notification date? Perhaps our son is missing notifications so just checking.

Regardless, @2018hsmom I believe we will get the responses back before 2/1 next Thursday–in the past Olin has gotten back on 2/1 or slightly before.

Too much college anxiety hitting me–the stress of knowing we’re getting responses back soon is bad.

@2018hsmom Olin was asking for her senior fall grade report and saying the CW invite would be sent on 02/01. She sent me a screenshot that I think is their portal.

Best of luck to everyone waiting for their CW invites!. The next few months are going to fly by. Enjoy the ride!

@MuggleMom I hope so! I’m really going insane!

does anyone have a rough estimate of what time CW invites will come out tomorrow?

I just got my decision. Not invited to CW. Good luck to everyone else though! I hope I don’t wallow in this sadness for a long time x.x

Just got the email too–too afraid to open it right now…gonna delay a bit.

I’m screaming. She got in !!!

Waiting for my son to return from school…I’m sure that the admissions team had a huge challenge narrowing the list.

phoneymacaronee No wallowing allow because you will be the mover and shaker at another great university. Good luck!

congrats to everyone who got invited. excited to meet you

Any idea if anyone ever gets off the weekend waitlist?