On loans.

<p>I'm an international student who is planning to transfer to a community college in CA and take advantage of their TAG with the CSU/UC schools. Obviously my biggest problem as of now is monetary matters.</p>


<p>If I apply for a private student loan for CC (1 year only, about 20k), then decide to transfer to a UC or CSU, would it be possible for me to borrow about 50k a year (3rd and 4th year), which will then amount to 120k in total without having to repay my initial loan? Or do I have to pay it after 6 months WHILE seeking out the 50k-a-year loans?</p>

<p>If you get educational loans from the US, you can postpone your payments and let the interest accrue while you are in college. The real questions are:</p>

<li><p>Can you get $120K in loans? You will need an EXTREMELY qualified co-signer (or several ones) to get that kind of money. </p></li>
<li><p>Do you think $120K in college loans is a good idea? I suggest you google "Courtney Munna" before you decide to take on that debt for a double major in psychology and theater.</p></li>