Online Application

<p>Several questions:</p>

<p>For the "Education Part 2: Higher Education" section, I have nothing to enter. So<br>
I should just leave it blank?</p>

<p>Also, my mom has a graduate degree for UW-Madison. There is a question: Did any of the following members of your family graduate from UW-Madison?
Does my mom count even though she was grad not undergrad?</p>

<p>Selecting Major-field of study.....I am interested in studying History, but i am relatively undecided. Should I put history or undecided? Does it hurt my app to put in undecided?</p>


<p>Any UW degree should be listed (I'd be proud to list post grad degrees). No major required, listing a major might generate information on special courses related to that major. eg my son got letters about the chem, physics, math honors courses -he's into physics. It will not affect your admission and you can change your mind at any time. leaving a section blank works or "none" can remind you that you did finish with that section. I may be too casual, but don't get too hyper. Even though no recommendations are required I've heard they do help- go ahead and send in optional materials (as opposed to nonrequested).</p>

<p>re: "Does my mom count even though she was grad not undergrad?"</p>

<p>Yes. OOS with links to UW is put in the same pool with other in-state students.</p>