Online college math courses for HS student

I’ve finished Calc BC and need a math to take my senior year. (Fall, not summer classes) My school only suggests math at a local CC but frankly, I know our CC’s stink. Does anyone know of any colleges that offer asynchronous online classes to high school students? It has to be asynchronous because I’ll be in school all day. Also, does it look bad if it’s not a “for credit” course? (In the event that the only class I can find is a MOOC/EdX/Coursera type of class.) I also considered taking an astronomy or physics or computer class, if I can’t find a math class. Thanks.

My D is in the same boat and CC seems to be the main option.

Johns Hopkins CTY has MVC, Linear, and other advanced course, but they’re pricey. Gifted Online Mathematics | Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

CTY is a accredited for secondary education, so you can get a grade/transcript.

I noticed that they were pricey too. I wonder if it looks bad to do an audited class?

Look into Netmath at UIUC
It’s another pricey option but it offers what you are asking for.

I had the same issue. Ended up signing up for advanced math courses at local community college. Depends on where you are but mine offered linear algebra, differential equations, calc III, and discrete math. They’re pretty cheap and on a semester schedule so I ended up taking both linear algebra and differential eq. This is probably the best option for credit and may be offered online depending on the school so I’d look into it. You may even be able to take it at community college far from you if it’s online. If not, try EdX/Coursera courses were you can pay for a certificate (costly though). Check if your high school counselor is willing to but a certified edx/coursera course on your transcript.

Check out Home | Math Online | University of Colorado Colorado Springs

My son is taking Diff Eq through them right now, fully asynchronous I think. It fits his needs. He doesn’t like the professor as much as the one last semester, for Discrete math. That had scheduled classes, usually late afternoon, but the other kid from his school would watch them asynchronously, which was fine.

They are offered through the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. Scheduling was never going to work at our local university, so this definitely filled a need.

Meant to add, tuition through UC-CS ran about $1000/class plus books. Our school covered 3/4 of that, but ymmv. Similar price to the Illinois option above, it looks like.

Thanks everyone for the great recommendations! I appreciate your help very much!

I would check with your guidance counselor before taking a non credit class if your goal is high school credit. They may or may not easily accept them. At our high school any class taken outside of the programs the school is directly connected with will not get credit unless approved ahead of time before the class is started.

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Yes, please work with the head of your math department and whoever handles transcripts to decide what that will look like. I think my kid has an Independent Study in Math placeholder of some sort. But there is a teacher listed, who he can ask to proctor exams if needed.

You might also check out BYU. They’ve been an option for awhile, but maybe with a more limited list than the others.

I don’t have any details on Binghamton, but they do something for high school online. From their website: High school students may take summer courses online through our College Link program. Contact Shannon Jennison via e-mail at for more information and forms.

Also Stanford University-Level Online (ULO) math classes, I think about $1,500 each class (semester classes). I’ve heard from students who were pleased with the classes overall, I have a student considering this option for next year. If your school proctors the exams you can earn HS credit, and you earn Stanford Continuing Studies credit which might transfer. You can go through the classes at your own pace as long as you take the exams on their schedule.