Online Opportunities For Premed Students During Covid-19

"When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit in the spring, many premed students had to scramble as their carefully planned summers started to fall apart. Numerous opportunities that are typically available—like physician shadowing, hospital volunteering, and research work—were all canceled as the coronavirus forced everyone to quarantine at home and practice social distancing. Even though some states have relaxed their restrictions, cases and hospitalizations continue to spike, making it clear that the threat of the coronavirus is still present and likely will be for the foreseeable future.

In response to the continued outbreak, many universities have decided to go virtual. California State University, Bowdoin College, and the University of Southern California are all planning for online learning in the fall. Even Ivy League schools like Harvard and Princeton have announced they will be limiting the number of people on campus. Harvard Medical School has said that classes will be online for all first-year students in its medical, dental, and graduate programs.

Despite the upheaval to the education system, premed students can still find virtual opportunities to help build their resume during the pandemic." …