OOS admit rate for UIUC and Georgia Tech -CS programs

Hi All,
Is there any site where we can find the following
.a) What is the OOS admit rate UIUC Computer Science + X ?
X- is say Linguistics.

b) What about OOS admit rate for Georgia Tech Computer Science program ?

My spreadsheet says 15% OOS for CS at UIUC, though I didn’t record where I sourced that data.


Georgia Tech stats. Not sure how mobile friendly it is. Some of the data is secure but there’s plenty of public data. You should have access to what you need.


" Enter your GT Account and Password"

Hmmm. The Admissions data is public. My guess is that they archived last year’s data and are waiting for this years admissions data. Might be able to back into a guess using enrollment data if you can find last year’s app count. Shame. It’s a really useful site. The Student Migration picture is interesting.

EA2 last year for International/OOS at GT was 14%. I would guess that EA1 and RD are similar but use Google to verify.

Supposedly GT doesn’t really admit based on major. It’s holistic. They look for students who can succeed in any major at GT. Given that, I’d assume CS would be around the same %. Probably in the 10-15% range. They offer very few scholarships like Stamps and of course they’re very competitive.

If you apply EA and are deferred submit a letter of interest. S20 said he knew of 12 kids in his class that applied. Three were accepted EA, he was deferred and the rest denied. He got in RD. He said the acceptances were mixed…some very high stats and one not as high. He was in-between. He thinks his essay earned him a spot. He’s in the ISyE program and likes it.

FYI…GT isn’t known for great accommodations if you prefer comfortable surroundings. Good luck.

Does it make difference if applying EA v/s RD?

Something does seem wonky with the Tableau site. All of the pages showing a lock require ID/pwd and none of the ones without a lock do, except Admissions. It looks similar to Purdue’s Data Digest, which is very helpful, so I’m going to bookmark and check back later to see if it opens up.

Isn’t EA1 for Georgia students only, so no OOS?

UIUC Grainger CS has a 4% acceptance rate. I don’t know what the rate is for the CS + majors, you could ask your AO, or sign up for a virtual admissions session and ask.

That seems really low for Grainger CS, do you have a source for that? The UI website says Grainger itself is 37%, hard to think that even the most popular majors - EE, CE, CS, maybe MechE would be at 4%.

Yes, directly from an AO (two times) in two separate counselor webinars. It’s been that low for several years.

You’re correct, EA1 is in-state only. I’m thinking this started last year? I only recall EA and RD when S20 applied. I seem to recall a dust-up with some GA parents whose kids weren’t accepted to GT. They went to their reps to lobby GT for more in-state acceptances. Maybe EA1 was the outcome.

DS is at GT also and the accommodation he has is not luxurious it is not worse than colleges that he did summer programs in over the years…UNC, Georgetown, UCF, Macalaster.

Summer programs typically use the worst dorms from my and my kids experience.

I think others would agree about GT. Look at Niche. My youngest at FSU stayed with his brother at GT for a day. The first story I heard was how bad the food tasted.

I would rate the dorms a B which isn’t terrible but the food is a C at best.

I told him it builds character and esprit de corps with his classmates. He rolled his eyes.

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