OOS: Are additional Awards from AUSOM typical?

Auburn is tops on D21’s college app list as a best overall fit (and even as a Hokie, I totally see why she loves it). However, despite the automatic merit for stats, its still a bit outside of our financial ability as an OOS applicant. I’ve looked through the AUSOM pages of available named scholarships to try and get a sense of how likely it would be that she would be awarded one of those on top of the automatic merit that might bring it in range, but I find it difficult to ascertain with so many listing their value as “varies.” As we try to narrow down “the list” I just wish I knew of an OOS applicant receiving any of those named awards in AUSOM on top of the automatic merit. Any insights that help us keep things realistic appreciated! Thank you!

@hokiemama24 My daughter will be a Freshman from OOS and she received an automatic merit one plus one from our local Alumni group. Wasn’t a ton but it will help. If she is serious about Auburn, my one piece of advise is to get her application in early as the application in AUSOM closed in December and at that point there were still kids who hadn’t be accepted.