OOS Merit for 3.94UW, 4.98W /1460SAT?

9AP, 4 AICE, 3 Dual Enrollment and the rest are honors. Lead roles in Theatre. NHS President. Interesting summer internship. top 6% of class in a very competitive school. 150 Service hours.

Aside from merit, what other factors are you looking for?

Arizona and Alabama come to mind, but there are others, depending on, as I wrote, what are you looking for.

thread is specifically for OSU. Interior design major. Will most likely attend UF/FSU if admitted, but would LOVE the opportunity to leave Florida. Merit is the only way that would happen.

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Your child’s stats were similar to mine’s, although we are In state (engineering). He received the max amount (not one of the very rare full Scholarships). I think you should expect to pay only a bit more than in-state tuition with those stats. They heavily weight GPA and rigor (and are test optional next year, I believe).

I know zero about the design program at OSU. We send about 40 kids to OSU every year and I do not know a single design major. I know several design majors, though, at U of Cincy. Point being I think you should check out Cincy as I think their design program is particularly strong. I know they have great co-ops.

Still don’t understand how WGPA is over a full point higher that UWGPA. Do some districts give more than 1 point for AP?


@Mwfan1921 we get 6.0 for AP at our school. Her recalculated GPA for UF is 4.6. They remove non AP electives and non core dual enrollment and then give .5 for honors and 1.0 for AP/IB/AICE and core dual enrollment.

I think your student will get national buckeye and either Maximus or provost scholarship…national buckeye is 13500 per year and the others are 3 or 4K per year.

Including the latest tuition increase you should expect to pay about $7,000.00 more than full in-state tuition