Open House

<p>Hi all- Does anyone have any first-hand experience with open house? Should I bring my parents? Should I bring a friend or is this something that I should do alone? How hard is it to navigate to the different events? Did you find it worthwhile? Wow - sorry lots of questions. thanks in advance for your answers.</p>

<p>it's cool.. i have the same questions. i know i'm goin with my family. hopefully it won't be too hard to navigate. i got an email from my department and got their schedule and i looked at the map and everythin is really close by and you've got a lot of time in each area so i don't think you'll have problem getting around, but we'll see what happens.</p>

<p>Nikole, </p>

<p>Free advice from someone who has been to too many Open Houses.</p>

<p>Go. Go and bring your parents, but explore most of the day on your own, let them report back to you later. Have them take a million pictures (parents like to do that) and later you can let them give you a slideshow of what they saw. A friend can be a plus provided they encourage you to explore and don't hold you back from asking. It's not a huge place and you must know what your major is so it's only a few buildings to really focus on, the rest is fun.</p>




<p>I'm going with a group of friends that got accepted to Cal Poly also. It's gonna be a blast touring the campus with friends :) Ofc, the parents are going to come, but they all go there own way and we go our own way then when we are about to leave, we summarize what we saw and explain things to each other.</p>

<p>Hey I cant go to Open House because I am 3000 miles away but will go to the thing in July to be advised...What am I missing?</p>

<p>As a parent who has attended Open House several times I think it's great for students and parents. My daughter who will graduate this June enjoyed showing us around as well as going off on her own. She is in the college of business but we love seeing all the agriculture displays too. Hey she took tractor driving for a fun elective and loved it! If you are thinking of attending there in the fall this is a chance to check out club displays the dorms etc.</p>