Opinion on Study Hall

<p>Title is pretty self explanatory. But how has Study Hall helped you with managing classes?
Do colleges look down on it? I am a sophmore with no AP classes, but my math class is supposedly really hard so that is why I took a study hall.</p>

<p>My school does not have a study hall :/. If my school had such a thing I would definitely use it :).</p>

<p>^ same exact thing as Josiah</p>

<p>My school has study hall, called Resource, and I’d say that about 75% of students take it. The way our school works is that we have eight classes to choose, plus lunch, unlike some schools that have eight periods including lunch. Because of this, some lucky folks have more class periods than they know what to do with. Thus, most of the school enrolls in Resource. I don’t, because I’m in both concert and jazz band; each of those takes up a period. Almost none of the top students take Resource because they can manage the courseload; I’ve never seen the need to take it, and I don’t plan to take it my senior year (incoming junior right now).</p>

<p>I don’t have Study Hall at my school, but we have an out period option. I’ll have 1 out period next year that I can use to catch up on homework :D</p>

<p>Our school has a mandatory study hall as an 8th period.</p>

<p>I’m pretty sure my entire county has no study hall besides one magnet school. I don’t think it would’ve worked well for me. I’m not good at doing work when I’m told if there’s an option to put it off and do it at home (or right before it’s due the next day). Procrastinators of the world, unite! …Tomorrow.</p>

<p>Our school has study halls if it fits in your schedule. Last year I was booked up full, and had to drop classes, so no study hall. Luckily, since this year I won’t have ITGS or my Bio lab, I’ll have room for a study hall.</p>

<p>I don’t have study hall :slight_smile:
but my school has this weird thing where seniors can come in to school late for a semester if they choose a class called "late arrival’ or something</p>

<p>We have no study hall, but we can get an out period senior year. I’m not though. I do have an online class, which is somewhat self-paced so if I need to I could work on other classes’ work then.</p>

<p>We have Directed Study you can elect to take, plus X-Block which is meant as mandatory study hall.</p>

<p>Except it’s not. You might be able to get work done in Directed Study but X-Block is a thinly-veiled and glorified free period (and it’s also meant for clubs and activities, which usually keep 90% of the student body busy). I totally take advantage of it, and go wherever the hell I want (school library, public library next door, empty classrooms, even home) because it’s impossible to get work done in the classroom you’re assigned. Teachers don’t really supervise their students (I can’t blame them, it’s time they could be using to plan lessons) and people talk and do nothing. I have to beg teachers to let me do homework in their empty classrooms because there’s no peace, and if I can’t find any I just walk out the door and go home.</p>

<p>Well thinking about it now my school has a class called Advistory but something it sort of like a study hall but most of the time it’s not :/.</p>

<p>Second period is a mandatory study hall for the whole school. It’s shorter than our regular periods. It has its pros and cons. I’m a bad procrastinator, so I put my work off until then sometimes… shhhh… Its good for me though, just because I always stay up until like 3 or 4, so I use it as naptime ;)</p>

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<p>At the school I’m going to, we have a free 30 minute period after 1st (or 2nd since we have block scheduling) to do homework, get help, chat, or go to rallies/assemblies.</p>

<p>We have this thing called “tutorial” on Wednesday mornings, when teachers are available for homework help and whatnot for 45 mins. It’s mandatory for freshman and optional for everyone else. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets dropped entirely next year, because it was 3 days my freshman year, 2 days sophomore year, and just the 1 this upcoming year.</p>

<p>I chose to drop a rather easy computer class junior year in favor of having a study hall. I added it at the beginning of second quarter. Without it, there’s no way I would have gotten a B in AP English or even passed AP Chem.</p>

<p>It also took off a lot of stress because I had a lot of after school stuff that year. I was president of the debate team, vice president of GSA, and was in some way involved with every school play. I would have died. I don’t think it’s looked down on unless you take study hall and then get poor grades.</p>

<p>At my school, everyone is required to take seven classes per semester. Except last year the valedictorian took MVC at a local CC for the first semester of his senior year and then had two free periods his second semester. So he took an economics course for one period (I think) and had a study hall the other. But that’s the only case I’ve heard of at my school.</p>

<p>EDIT: I really want to do something like that my senior year. Since I probably won’t be taking as many APs senior year (cramming them all soph and junior years), I’ll hopefully have a free period to do whatever :D</p>

<p>I would kill for a study hall. At my school most people can take a VHS course and get a free block for it. Apparently most of the block is nap/Facebook time.</p>

<p>I’ll basically have study halls/free periods taking the place of all 4 of my AP classes this year (and 5 next year) after the AP exam, since the classes end at that point. I wonder what I’ll do with all that time, haha. One of my friends (who’s a senior) says that she’ll probably bring in a bunch of tapes and watch movies or something. I’ll only have to take finals for French and Theology (I also have an art class, but there’s no final for that). When I have an (honors) physics class online, I’ll be able to take the final whenever I want basically.
When honors physics didn’t fit in my schedule, I decided to take the art class instead of study hall.</p>

<p>I always took one, two senior year. And they were super helpful, I don’t get why some kids didn’t take one. And the time after AP exams is always awesome, almost a month without much to do.</p>