Opinions appreciated

<p>I need help deciding what schools I should apply to. Every comment and suggestion matters! ;)</p>

<p>This is what my list looked like a couple of days ago:</p>


<p>But, then I got my SAT scores back: 1230 (610 M, 620 V) and I haven't taken the SAT II's yet. </p>

<p>Now I believe I pretty much have two options:</p>

<li>I re-take the SAT in dec/jan, not take the SAT II's at all and apply to the following schools:</li>

Bowdoin (should I even submit my SAT I score?)
Kenyon </p>

<p>or, option nr. 2:</p>

<p>I'll retake the SAT I's in dec and take the SAT' II's in jan (don't know what kind of scores to expect, maybe around 600-700?) and apply to the colleges in my original list. </p>

<p>I believe the rest of my profile is quite strong (GPA 19.5 out of 20, good EC's). I'm interested in bioethics, would like to combine a bio major with something else as well (philosophy prehaps...). </p>

<p>Thank you for your time,</p>

<p>19.5 ? That sounds like Europe... where are you from? I am from Greece
About the unis: first you have to figure out whether you need financial aid or not. If you don't then the process is simple: apply to universities that are within your reach. Check out universities within your reach. Check out this list of universities within your SAT range (source: USNews):
Tufts University (MA) 1250- 1420
Univ. of Southern California 1250- 1420
Tulane University (LA) 1240- 1420
New York University 1210- 1410
Univ. of California – Los Angeles * 1160- 1410
Boston College 1230- 1400
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. (NY) 1220- 1400
University of Rochester (NY) 1210- 1400
Wake Forest University (NC) 1240- 1390
U. of North Carolina – Chapel Hill * 1190- 1390
Boston University 1220- 1380
Lehigh University (PA) 1220- 1380
Stevens Institute of Technology (NJ) 1190- 1370
George Washington University (DC) 1180- 1370
Worcester Polytechnic Inst. (MA) 1180- 1370
Univ. of Maryland – College Park * 1170- 1360
Univ. of California – San Diego * 1150- 1360
Howard University (DC) 840- 1360
Yeshiva University (NY) 1170- 1350
University of Texas – Austin * 1110- 1350
University of Florida * 1140- 1340
University of Miami (FL) 1120- 1340
SUNY – Binghamton * 1150- 1320
Syracuse University (NY) 1150- 1320
American University (DC) 1130- 1320</p>

<p>Yale, Amherst, Swat and Middlebury are going to be super reaches for you based on these scores (they had the Yale massacre last year where a large number of perfect scoring studnets were rejected -simply not enough seats for over 20,000 applicants)
Bowdoin is SAT optional (check to see if it applies to internationals as well) so based on your grades if you don't submit your scores you stand a very good chance. (if you send your scores to Bowdoin they will be evaluated) If you can get by without submitting them, then do so because it just may become your safety school (and not a bad one at that!)</p>

<p>You may get a boost geographically at Mac (your scores are below the middle 50%), Beliot and Grinnell (you are right there on the low end) but the SATII's may present a whole different picture. You have to also take into consideration that because these are smaller schools the number of international acceptances is going to be small, based on a large competitve pool.</p>

<p>I would like to suggest that you look at Mount Holyoke College (I know it is a women's college) because it is ;</p>

<p>Part of the 5 college consortioum with Smith, Amherst, Hampshire, and UMass-Amherst
they are SAT optional (with your grades, you may fall at the top of the applicant pool and the fact that they are need aware may not be a problem because you would not be a borderline student. If accepted they would meet 100% of your demonstrated need. When my daughter got accepted there she was given a $60,000 leaderhsip scholarship because of her grades) this could be a safety for you. In addition, the Mount Holyoke people are a wonderful caring bunch and really make their students feel welcomed and take great care of them.</p>

<p>I hope this helps. I wish you the best whatever you decide to do.</p>

<p>randomgr - I'm from Sweden.</p>

<p>Sybbie - thank you. I'll look into Mount Holyoke. I'm not really sure what it would be like to be at a women's college, I have to think about that.</p>

<p>Don't worry about hte all womens thing because the men surely follow. The good thing about an all womens school is the supporting nuturing enviorment, seeing women in leadership roles and doing cutting edge research who are more receptive to letting women in.</p>

<p>Based on the aboove posted list:</p>

<p>If money is a factor: elimate Howard and NYU</p>

<p>Eliminate the public universities, unless you are really at the top of the applicant pool, they will not take your scores over the thousands of in-state residents who may have the same scores. Also, financial aid will be very limited.</p>

<p>Ria, I will be applying to Bowdoin and Mount Holyoke,so I can share my impressions about those schools. As many people mentioned for both of those schools the SAT is optional. When I cheked MHC's webside, I saw that if someone submits her SAT score (which is of course not mandatory) it accounts for about 20% of the admissions decision. I was told that many other universities hold this same policy - they do not give such substantial weight to SATs if the applicant can prove his/her abilities and qualities in the other parts of the application. As for women's colleges, you will probably hear quite diverging opinions, but you have to make the decision yourself.</p>