Opinions on Clarkson U

I’m a high school senior getting preparing to apply to Clarkson U (most likely ED). I am looking to be a mechanical engineering major (maybe with a EE or business minor). I am looking to apply ED even though this is a safety school for me (with a 4.2 GPA from a HS with a %95 acceptance rate there)
The main reasons being I have a 15k/yr scholarship guaranteed with another 2k/ yr for applying ED and could have another 10k/yr in additional merit plus financial aid. Additionally this school has one of the only D3 ski teams out of engineering schools which I would gladly be a part of. And I kind of like the idea of attending a smaller school especially in a college town.
This seems like a good deal considering the fact that Clarkson has relatively similar starting and mid career salaries to higher ranked / more prestigious universities (ie RPI, WPI, even Cornell)

Any students, alum, or anyone else have any opinions on Clarkson in general or my situation?

Seems as though you might receive substantial benefits from Clarkson, but–unless things have changed drastically–Potsdam, New York isn’t much of a college town.

I know several current students and quite a few recent grads. All love(d) their experience at Clarkson, all are doing phenomenally well post-graduation. Agree with Publisher that Potsdam isn’t the most scintillating town, but Clarkson has a very active Outdoor Club, and a lot of kids take trips to Canada. Oh, and if you’re into hockey, they have a great team to cheer on. Most engineer majors spend weekends studying, lol. It’s not an easy school even though it’s not super selective. BTW, my S, who had much lower stats, received $32k in merit (though he didn’t attend), so I think your offer will be better than that. Also, be sure to apply for one of the 25 full tuition Ignite scholarships.

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Clarkson was on my D’s list and we have close friends who went there (three generations worth of engineers). Very solid school with great career outcomes. Fabulous area of the country for a skier. I don’t think you can go wrong.

For the general reasons you stated, and for mechanical engineering specifically, Clarkson seems like it would make a nice choice for your interests and goals.

My nephew went to Clarkson and loved it. He graduated 9 years ago. He was recruited for an engineering position before he graduated; actually had his choice of jobs and has done very well.

Thanks for reminding me about the ignite! Forgot about that. And wow he got 32k /yr with lower stats? That’s impressive!
Side note I know that Potsdam is a small town (I also hail from a small town in the north country of upstate NY), I just meant its nice that there are 3 other colleges within 10mi, and meant the word town more literally than most haha.
Posted this as I feel anecdotes sum up Clarkson much better than the weirdly bad rankings even though it should be much higher looking at many factors.
Planning on sending in my application within the week, thanks for all the opinions!

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My daughter is a freshman at Clarkson. She had a 29 ACT and a 3.6 GPA from a very hard private school. She got 32 k in merit aid, and does a sport. So far its been great, it is a very hard school from a work standpoint but she likes the more relaxed community vs her friends at RPI who tell her its a competitive race all the time. Potsdam is a rural town but it has what she wants in terms of services and she likes the large campus with all of the trails that she can go for a run on right out back. She really likes the classes, she is a ME major and wants to do a math minor too.

The opinions on Mechanical Engineering are very useful - any input regarding Aerospace Engineering? My son is looking at that school - looks like he would qualify for 31k and change merit aid - and so I was wondering if anyone had any input to share on their Aero program.