Opinions on Jacobs University Bremen

How good is Jacobs University Bremen? I’ve been reading that the Computer Science degree is too difficult and the professors unhelpful. I’m a fairly diligent student looking to apply the next year but I don’t think I’d do well without good professors. How generous is the financial aid package? And what are the career prospects after Jacobs?
Could any applicant or student of Jacobs state what motivated them to apply to Jacobs?

I have my friends who went to Jacobs university this year. Based on their opinion, education is good. Events like hackathons are regularly happening in and around campus. Plus, Jacobs also assists students to go to other countries to attend such events. Having said that I myself, though interested in computer science, am opting for college in Nepal ( I have applied to Jacobs though) due to non- academic/financial circumstances. Based on your other posts, I have seen that you have extraordinary stats (perhaps the best from Nepal) and really recommend that you polish your college application.

Anyway, Jacobs provides merit-based scholarship plus financial aid. One of my friends received 15,000 euros of scholarship. With the financial aid that he would have received had he applied, I think that would cover the costs of attendance (IMO).

All the best with everything.

@wait314 Does the financial aid cover room and board too or just the tuition?