Optional Pass / Fail Policy

I am a senior in college (about to graduate in a week). Not counting this semester, I have a cumulative 4.0 GPA. It looks like I will be getting my first A- this semester.

My university set forth an optional pass / fail policy on a course-by-course basis. I’m not sure if I should pass / fail the class and keep my 4.0 or just keep everything on a letter-grade basis and get a 3.99 cumulative GPA for undergrad.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

Take the A-. There’s no difference between a 3.99 and a 4.0. And a 4.0 with an optional pass is a 4.0*.

I think if you take the P, it would be assumed you did worse than an A-. Take the letter grade.

@itsgettingreal21 and @momofsenior1 thanks so much for your advice!

I should have prefaced this earlier, but an extenuating circumstance arose at home (a domestic violence incident) before the final for the class I got an A- in. This circumstance was exacerbated by the pandemic and significantly impacted my grade on the final; therefore, I’m not sure if I should pass / fail and explain the extenuating circumstance in the optional essay when I apply to grad school or take the 3.99. Thanks in advance!

I’m sorry you had that situation but you don’t need to explain an A- grade.