Oregon State University

What are the pros and cons of Oregon State University? I’m going to be a pre-engineering major this fall and I’m pretty excited. However, I’m still curious on how people feel about OSU. What do you guys think are the Pros and Cons of OSU?

I recently graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree at Oregon State University and I plan to attend the masters program this upcoming fall. I loved my time at OSU! Here is my brief pro/con list:


  • Top engineering program in the state, there are so many great opportunities for internships (I did 6 months with Intel), class projects, and research projects outside of the classroom
  • The professors are very friendly and there are always so many ways to get extra help on homeworks and lecture notes
  • Beautiful campus and buildings
  • Great location to get involved in outdoor activities (hiking, biking, etc.)
  • Large variety of clubs, organizations, greek life, intramural sports, etc.


  • Engineering program is rigorous, definitely a lot of studying and homework!
  • Parking on campus can be difficult and get fairly expensive
  • Corvallis is a small town, no large shopping/malls around

I hope this helps!! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! :smiley: That helps out a lot! I don’t mind the small town vibe, it’s really nice actually. :slight_smile: What about the weather? How often does it rain?

I’m most likely going to be attending in the fall too! I heard it rains a lot–are there any chemical engineering majors that have any notes on the program??