Orientation at boarding school

Since the school year is about to get started, I wanted to see if the students and parents here could shine some light on a part of the experience that people often forget to ask about (I’ve certainly done so during my college tours!): new student orientation. What’s it like at your school? How did you enjoy it?

I’ll explain ours in detail when I get a bit more time :slight_smile:

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Well the truth is that many current boarding school kids didn’t have the normal orientation process, unless they are seniors. I have a junior and a sophomore at BS who both joined as freshmen (one in 2020, and one in 2021) and neither of them had a “normal” orientation. My other sophomore who is joining BS this year will be the first of my kids to get the actual orientation. :slight_smile: it’s my third time being a “new parent” and this will be the first time I get to attend new family meetings, eat on campus, etc on move-in day! I’m excited for next week!