<p>do we need to bring anything?</p>

<p>No, but since registering for classes is part of the program, you might want to check out the class listings ahead of time and have a preliminary schedule in mind.</p>

<p>Since we're staying on campus, we need to bring our own toiletries and alarm clock, if needed.</p>

<p>LOL, yes, I assumed he/she knew that. But you are right, I should have made that clear. I forget, is staying on campus required for the student or can you stay at a hotel if you want?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure it is a requirement. I know it was option for parents to stay on campus (my mom very quickly declined the offer haha).</p>

<p>When do we need to turn in our medical forms?</p>

<p>Any time before move-in weekend IIRC, although I remember personally handing my D's to the proper person when we were there for Orientation.</p>

<p>ok thanks. I got them done today. I get to go to orientation tomorrow. So excited!</p>

<p>im so excited!! does anyone know where i can find listings of the classes offered?</p>

<p>classschedule.tulane.edu should give you a list of the classes. Definitely print out a list with some possibilities of classes that interest you/you think you have to take so that when you meet with your adviser, you're ready!</p>

<p>is there a way to weed out the classes to freshmen classes?
Otherwise, its several hundred classes to scroll through</p>

<p>Try this.</p>

<p><a href="http://tulane.edu/advising/upload/Freshman-Academic-Planning-Guide-2010-2011-May-25-10.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://tulane.edu/advising/upload/Freshman-Academic-Planning-Guide-2010-2011-May-25-10.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>You will get a copy of this at orientation but it will help you make plans beforehand,</p>

<p>If you go to Gibson or to the registrar site and click on class schedule you will be able to list the classes you are looking for by undergaduate, days, instructor....several different ways....this is the site you need to actually work out a schedule...</p>

<p>Tulane</a> University - Class Schedule</p>

<p>There aren't really classes that are specific to freshmen except TIDES (on that website, you should be able to search for classes that fulfill the TIDES requirement.. pick a few that interest you in case your top choice fills up).</p>

<p>Also, if you do not have AP credit for English Language or Literature, pick an English101 (writing) class that fits into your schedule... you'll need to take this either first or second semester.</p>

<p>If you want to take part of your math requirement, check out the Tulane math department website to see which math course you should take depending on how much prior math you've had. You can ask your adviser about this too if you're unsure which class best suits you. You don't NEED to take math your first semester, but a lot of people like to get a head start on this. (edit: if you're a liberal arts major, look into taking probability & statistics, which is offered in the math department, or symbolic logic, which is offered through the philosophy department.)</p>

<p>You may also look into taking foreign language or a class that will count as humanities or social sciences requirement... pick an intro level class that might interest you or that you didn't get to explore in high school, if you are undecided on your major. If you're decided, look at the introductory classes offered in your major.</p>

<p>I hope that helps, I know that class schedule website looks daunting, but it really helps if you've looked at some classes before you go to register. At orientation, the advisers help multiple students at one time, so it can be difficult if you have an exceptional number of questions to ask or have not thought about your classes at all. Of course, you can always switch around your schedule after orientation, and email or call your adviser with extra questions :)</p>

<p>wysteri is spot on. While it is not as exciting to get a lot of the basic requirements out of the way early, it is the most practical thing to do. It makes your sophomore year and beyond more flexible and usually more interesting. Besides which these are prerequisites for a lot of upper level courses. Therefore it makes a ton of sense to take the writing requirement, the first math course, and get started on your foreign language, just as was said. If you have AP credits, it makes life that much easier.</p>

<p>The only thing I really wanted to add was that some majors have fairly "rigid" schedules already laid out. Architecture and engineering come most readily to mind. Here is a link to the Tulane handbook <a href="http://www.tulane.edu/%7Entuc/catalog_pages/catalog.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.tulane.edu/~ntuc/catalog_pages/catalog.pdf&lt;/a> which shows the AP credit chart, the overall requirements, and if you look under any individual department, you will see requirements down to the last detail, along with typical 4 and 5 year schedules in some cases like those I mentioned. It also has the course descriptions for the vast majority of courses you will find in the schedule, although you can see those same descriptions by clicking on the course number above the title of the class once you have used the planner mentioned in heltonmoms link to find a course or courses.</p>

<p>I thought orientation was set up very well. The rock n' bowl was very very fun and there was no curfew (unlike some of the orientations at the in-state schools here). My advisor was awesome and made registration pretty easy. The activities and sessions were very informative also.</p>

<p>Thanks for the update! Glad everything went so well. Which dorm did they use for you? Was it Butler again?</p>

<p>The kids did stay in Butler. My S had a great time and is very excited for August! I think the late night at "the boot" was probably the highlight! Haha, I kept looking around trying to figure out if I could recognize anyone from CC! We stayed at tulanejeff's recommended hotel - the International House on camp street. It was very reasonable, super hip and fun. One block from the streetcar which we took back and forth. We ate at Herbsaint which was quite good and as an added bonus even had a celebrity sighting! (Alfre Woodard the actress). All in all a terrific experience!</p>

<p>Hah! She was the answer to a crossword clue not long ago, and I just watched American Violet two days ago, lol. Small world.</p>

<p>Sounds like a super couple of days.</p>

<p>I thought the orientation was great! I wasn't planning on attending because I went to honor's weekend, but I'm so glad I did for a couple of different reasons. First, after meeting with a pre-med advisor at orientation, I found out that the classes that I had scheduled were not what I should have taken, so I was able to change them. Also, I met many great people and really had a lot of fun. Although I didn't get much sleep, thanks to the boot, I had a really terrific time. I can't wait until August!!</p>