Otterbein /Ohio U/ Kent Musical Theater program

I would like to get honest opinions about the Otterbein and Ohio University or Kent State Musical Theater programs. We are in NYC and trying to max out our days in the midwest.
We are planning college tours this April to Ohio/Indiana -hitting up BW, CCM, Indiana U and Ball State. Want to add either Otterbein or OU to the list and want honest options about pros and cons for other Ohio Schools.
Thanks in Advance!

Ohio U - beautiful campus (brick everywhere, lots of trees), college town, able to do greek life and MT, one main musical a year in Spring (equity show with a few equity actors or tech so student will get equity points for being in the show), able to customize your program with certificates, shape clinic to help with injuries, etc, good merit, affordable.

Kent - lots of nice performing facilities

Otterbein - beautiful campus

DD chose OU so obviously know more about it than the other schools. Applied to Kent as well but liked the campus at OU better than Kent.

You could pretty easily see Otterbein and OU in same day…about an hour and 20 minutes away from each other.

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A long while ago, there was a poster on this forum whose kid attended Otterbein. She was able to do more than one show a year, and did everything from costumes to being onstage. She loved the school.

They also have a strong music program.

I went to Ohio University back in the Stone Age. Great college town.

I would suggest going to visit both and taking to the folks in the program.

OU used to have a summer theater program on Cape Cod…but that ended about 10 years ago.

I would want to know about summer stock opportunities…which are again happening.

Thank you! We will!

Thank you!