Our Fresh New Look Is Here

System - Safari on iPad
:black_small_square:I do think the font could be a bit heavier to ease eye strain.
:black_small_square:While the wide space in the reply window is a bit annoying, I almost always Preview my comments before posting. I’m actually surprised everyone doesn’t do that.
:black_small_square:A Save Draft button would be really nice.
:black_small_square:I’m going to assume the differences in functionality between Portrait and Landscape mode are intentional - kind of like the calculator apps where basic functions are available in Portrait while less common functions are available in Landscape, though at the expense of easier readability.

^^^ And that’s from a Forum Champion folks. (#691)

First world problems, I know. But what a mess.

Bummer!! I’ve tried several times over the last couple days to find Parents Cafe with no luck. So far I have found only about four forums, none of which I utilize anymore. I found instructions on how to locate the list of forums, but I got nothing more using those than when I puttered around myself.

I’ll give it a couple more days in hopes things settle down and I can find my way around again. Otherwise, I’ll be sad to be unable to navigate this site. ?

Is anyone keeping track of the number of new threads? I’ve looked on financial aid, and parents forum…and there don’t seem to be too many. And unless I’m missing them…there have been no new threads in the premed forum.
I also don’t see some really good and informative posters posting replies…at all. Not at all. Most noted in the financial aid area.

Honestly it is dreadful. I imagine college confidential will seriously decline and a new website will replace this venue.

Just chiming in to echo the disappointment.

  • Way too much whitespace when reading on my phone.
  • too difficult to navigate.

As a go-to place not only to learn and read, but also help advise and counsel, I won’t be doing much of either. (and why are the lines spaced so far apart when typing a response? It is like double-spaced?)

“Bummer!! I’ve tried several times over the last couple days to find Parents Cafe with no luck. So far I have found only about four forums, none of which I utilize anymore.”
@treemaven What type of device are you using? For me, when I am on the “home” page of the Forums, I can easily see Parents Cafe on the right hand side when scrolling down.

I’d like to thank CC and all the parents who’ve helped me guide my kids through college applications. Now that my youngest is starting college in the fall, I guess it makes sense for me to move on rather than struggle with the new interface.
Good luck to those still navigating college apps; and I hope CC can un-redesign the site so the community can continue.

I’m a fairly new member of CC, since March of this year. I liked the site and had become a regular visitor and had posted a bit. I access via laptop. I have a S headed off to college in the fall and a D who’s in high school - so I thought I had found a site I’d use for a few years…but I’m changing my mind. I’ve already stopped visiting the site much - and am only looking to read this thread and in hopes that I’ll hear or see that the developers are going to return to the former format. IT WAS SO MUCH MORE USER-FRIENDLY BEFORE - and it’s not just a matter of needing to ‘get used to it.’. As others have said, an upgrade to make some small improvements is almost always welcome - but this was a mistake.

Here’s what I’m realizing. I have two tabs open on my Mac laptop. One for this thread, one for the Parent Cafe. As long as I’m just refreshing this thread - going to no other threads or home pages…I’m pretty good reading it except for annoyances like searching for the posting time of a post.

But the minute I go over to the Parent Cafe homepage…I’m turned off. The format is just a boggle of words, symbols, picture avatars, etc. Very distracting and it’s difficult to be able to “sweep” the page and know where I want to go. I don’t hang around for more than a minute. I’m not even tempted to click on threads that I haven’t visited before.

This is a big problem for any longevity on this forum.

The format makes me feel claustrophobic. I used to be able to see so much more on my iPad and now I feel like I’m trapped in one little section. Very uncomfortable. PLEASE go back to the old format. It was excellent! Also please let me know if another site starts up because I’ll be joining ASAP.

Okay, so I’ve been mostly reading just this thread over the last couple of days. As a test, I didn’t have any trouble finding the financial aid forum. However, the thread I decided to read was created a while ago, and nothing new had been posted for 3 months. It can’t really be that threads aren’t listed in reverse chronological order, can it? ?

p.s. Is the default avatar a beach ball?

Has anyone determined how an ancient thread is chosen as “featured”? I keep flagging them asking for them to be closed or removed but how were they chosen to be featured in the first place?

It reminds me of using the EMR system in the hospital. You have to constantly scroll through a page and then on to the next page to make sure you haven’t missed charting something and navigating to find pertinent info can be just as laborious. This place reminds me too much of work, ?.

@RandyErika —it’s a dodgeball.


You’d be better off rolling back to the old site even if you had to give up all the posts made since the conversion. Take the site down for a couple of days if you have to. We’d wait if we knew you were doing that. If your IT folks didn’t back up the data right before starting this and didn’t have a rollback plan when they started, they really, really need to be canned.

I think this is an existential threat to CC - yeah, you paid a vendor, and maybe it is going to cost the company because you have a contract. But if the site is now unusable (as it is on an iPhone), you’ve flushed your business model anyway.

So sad!

Just wndering if CC gave up any old licenses to all or part of prior progamming, in the process of converting? (Needless to say, smart is not to, before you know the new system works.)

@scholarme, every time someone posts a dress link in the wedding section or a link to home improvement supplies, I see ads on CC for those things. If the powers that be would pay attention to the fact that CC parents discuss and spend $$$ on expensive goods, they might figure out we’re an audience they shouldn’t P.O.!