Out of State Transfer

<p>D is going to be a 2nd year transfer from out of state. What will transition be like? Suggestions for places to live? Thanks!</p>

<p>The transition will be what she makes of it. Some transfers throw themselves into UVa and never look back, like I did. Some will go home or back to their old school on weekends, and just never fit in. I saw those people and they're now miserable. But since she's a second year, she'll have more time to adjust than third years. Encourage her to make friends within her class and her roommates, and get into clubs. One thing I wish I did differently is I wish I had gotten into more clubs or gotten out beyond my apt complex and school a bit more.<br>
As for places to live, I would suggest Lambeth or Bice, but it may be too late for that. Instead, I suggest looking on HooHasIt, offthegrounds.com, uloop. craigslist, and facebook for people who need 1 more person in their apt. Try to find other second years for her to live with. I went random coming into second year as a transfer and two girls remain some of my best friends. Also, look at apt complexes that can match her to other second year girls</p>

<p>I'd look off grounds first for places to live, I'm pretty sure there's still vacancy around the corner, and if not, JPA. </p>

<p>Also encourage her to consider fall or spring rush this year, not too many sororities do fall rush, so spring might be more worthwhile. Even if she doesn't decide to pledge, rush is a good experience.</p>

<p>if there's any chance you're still looking for housing, I'm trying to get out of a housing contract to live with my cousin off-grounds (one of her girls just moved out) and need a female without an on-grounds contract to take over mine. any ideas?</p>