Oxford interviews 2020

It looks as if these will be online this year for all candidates:


Going to be interesting to see how Michaelmas goes. My son finally finished exams last week - 10th week! I guess they figured people had lots of time on their hands. Trying to figure out when to go back given that it’s likely that he will need to self quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the UK. Fortunately he’s not in college housing this coming year, so he can arrive whenever he wants to.

He’s not deterred by the situation?

@Conformist1688 Not really. It’s his fourth year so his classes will be small, he’ll be spending a lot of time working individually on his big CS project and Trinity will be studying for exams with only a few revision classes. All in all, shouldn’t be too bad for him. Plus he’ll be living outside of college. He survived Trinity term from home Ok this year although the rules for when he had to take his on-line exams were a bit convoluted.

No big surprise - Matriculation cancelled.


Update re this year’s interviews. Candidates should make sure they’re set up with the appropriate tech: https://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate/applying-to-oxford/guide/interviews

Oxford offers out a week from today. Good luck to all those waiting.

Just saw a posting on The Student Room that the UK government is looking at cancelling A level exams for 2021. Will be interesting to see how things play out if that is the case.

Yes indeed. It seems likely that they won’t go ahead - just in time for Oxbridge offers to be limited.

Good luck to anyone waiting for Oxford offers tomorrow.

Anybody have some good news now that the Oxford offers are out?!

Have seen some posts from US students on that other website popular with Oxford applicants with good news. Even a PPE offer!

wowza on the PPE offer! will pop over & check in

Interesting reading here on the decisions this year, arranged by subject: Admissions Feedback - Keble College (ox.ac.uk)

Keble is always great about posting info- I’m impressed at how fast they got this out. It’s the most detailed analysis of the weightings both for the relative weight of admissions components and for joint subjects that I have seen…

The Maths/Computer Science Department reports are consistent with those I have seen in years past. Have not seen a centralized presentation like this before. Usually had to fish around on Departmental or Merton’s (of course) website to find them.

The Worcester interim provost keeping her focus on access. Would expect the incoming provost to continue with this trend.


Oh no! The Oxford Mail says that St. John’s is permanently closing the Lamb & Flag!

That is shocking- & St John’s is a rich enough college that they should be able to hold on a little longer.

And now Lincoln might not re-open the Mitre after their rehab of the building.

With degree ceremonies cancelled through August, not sure we will make it back for a visit anytime soon, if ever.

@HazeGrey see if he & a few friends can do a later ceremony- it really is a great thing to see & be part of!

@collegemom3717 He’s staying in the UK post-graduation, so hopefully he can get a date booked at some point when its convenient for him, but they will be very backed up with two years worth to do. Will likely make the trip if he can.