Oxford v. INSEAD v. Yale

<p>I'm honored to have been accepted to these three schools, and I need to make a decision by Friday!</p>

<p>I'm American, with a background in compensation consulting and microfinance. I want to work in either microfinance or another market-based poverty alleviation strategy (like the Acumen Fund's work, for example). I've worked in West Africa, Switzerland and the States. After school I want to keep my options open regarding work location - I would consider working in the US, Europe, or Africa. I eventually want to settle down and work in the States.</p>

<p>Pros and cons:
Oxford. Only one year, would only cost $23K. Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship offers some contacts and classes, but electives on these subjects are limited.</p>

<p>INSEAD. Only one year, would cost $60K. Electives on social aspects of business, emerging markets etc are limited, but I'd learn Spanish which would definitely help my career. The name is less known outside the consulting world and outside Europe.</p>

<p>Yale. Two years (a negative for me), would cost $100K. Strong focus on social aspects of business, professors who are well-known for their work on the subject. Wide array of electives on the subject.</p>

<p>My main concern is how recruiters in DC or NY in the international development sphere would regard the three schools, since it's difficult to find transatlantic b-school rankings that compare across the ocean. I guess my situation is pretty specific and unique, but I'd love to hear others' thoughts. I'll take all the input I can get! :)</p>

<p>if you have aspirations for an international career, INSEAD is the best choice out of the three.
if you are unsure, and you want higher security vis a vis a US based career, Yale is the better choice.
either way, SAID is the last of the three</p>

<p>You may also consider the advantage of INSEAD's Alliance with Wharton (allowing you to spend time at Penn):</p>

<p>Wharton-INSEAD</a> Alliance - The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
INSEAD</a> Wharton - Alliance</p>

<p>on a world wide basis, INSEAD is absolutely a globally recognized leader, take a look at the Academic Partners of the World Economic Forum:</p>

<p>World</a> Economic Forum - Academic Partners</p>

<p>As well as the 25 Leading Universities / Institutions From 9 Countries that formed the Global University Leaders Forum at this year's World Economic Forum <a href="INSEAD%20was%201%20of%20only%202%20b-schools%20on%20this%20list,%20the%20other%20being%20LBS">I</a>*:</p>

<p>World</a> Economic Forum - Global University Leaders</p>

<p>Country Institution
- Brown University USA
- Columbia University USA
- Georgetown University USA
- Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University USA
- Harvard University USA
- Johns Hopkins University USA
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
- Stanford University USA
- University of Chicago USA
- University of Pennsylvania USA
- Yale University USA
- London Business School United Kingdom
- London School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom
- University of Cambridge United Kingdom
- University of Oxford United Kingdom
- INSEAD France
- Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) Switzerland
- ETH Zurich Switzerland
- National University of Singapore Singapore
- Peking University People's Republic of China
- Tsinghua University People's Republic of China
- Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) Mexico
- Keio University Japan
- The University of Tokyo Japan
- Indian Institute of Technology Madras India</p>

<p>Finally, in terms of career placement and alumni network <a href="unless%20this%20has%20changed%20recently%20-%20you%20should%20confirm%20by%20asking">I</a>*, INSEAD's alumni can access the joint career / job posting databases of three elite b-schools: Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB and Kellogg. Again on a global / international basis, this network is superior > Yale / Oxford.</p>

<p>In sum, if you are concerned about INSEAD's "name value" -- you shouldn't -- because if you are judged by the company you keep, INSEAD travels with world class company.</p>

<p>OP, in my personal opinion, it's </p>

<p>INSEAD > Oxford-Said = Yale-SOM</p>

<p>Congrats on your acceptance.
Since duration of the program is a concern, it throws a wrench into the decision. If duration isn't a concern, I would have said Yale SOM, since it has one of the best non-profit socially focused MBA program.</p>

<p>However, since length of the program and potentially cost are important for you. Oxford Said and INSEAD would be a tie. Said is cheaper but INSEAD is a better overall school. As far as recruiting in the US, Oxford has a stronger overall brand, but INSEAD is definitely more prestigious among the business community.</p>

<p>So which did you end up choosing?</p>

<p>OK, may I ask if it is possible to get an MBA degree from a very prestigious EUROPE B-school (Oxford,Cambridge, London school of Business, Insead etc) and find a very good job in banking or consulting in the States ?</p>

<p>You maybe able to get a desired job in the US at INSEAD, but it's harder than if you went to top US b-schools. At the other schools, the chances are very low. Simply because US companies do not recruit at those schools. The US based companies that recruit there, recruit for positions at the local office. Additionally, if you are not an American citizen, your chance of getting a job back in the US is virtually zero.</p>

<p>In general, you go to European schools only if you want to work in Europe. I think it's a bit easier the other way around. You can get recruited to go work in Europe out of top US schools. </p>

<p>In general, US schools are much more competitive than European schools. Not that stats says much about the students, but out of all those schools, only INSEAD's average GMAT is above 700.</p>