Pace BFA acting vs Cal Arts vs Minn Guthrie

My daughter is into several BFA acting programs
Here favorites so far are
Minn Guthrie

Any insight on these 3?

Wow, congrats on 3 great admits! What are her goals for acting, does she know yet (e.g. film, TV, regional theater, Broadway, etc.) Does she have a geographical preference?

Which program at Pace?

Tk you. Film/tv is preference. But loves Stage also

Pace BFA Acting

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Guthrie obviously has a very strong stage program. I’m not sure about TV or film opportunities, that would be something to dig into.

Yes I think that is the one negative about the program and not being in Ny/LA (which is not a necessity, but seems to be beneficial) They have zero on camera training.

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From what I hear, Pace is more reputable for this particular type of major.