Pace Performing Arts Acceptances 2024 (MT, BFA ACTING, FTVC, BA, COMMERCIAL DANCE)

Hi! My name is Maya Mackey! I am currently a senior waiting on the decision back from Pace’s BFA Acting and FTVC program! I’ve been accepted into the school academically and been offered both scholarships and financial aid from the school. I am posting this discussion for those nervously awaiting the decision from Pace as well. I read on their websites acceptances will go out by March 31st and I have read that some call those that are accepted into the program. This will just be for others who also applied to these different programs to let others know if anything has gone out! Good luck to all!

hi!! waiting to hear back from commercial dance!! anxiously awaiting!!

Waiting for stage management over here. Anyone know anything about when we should be expecting anything?

I checked my Pace Portal the other day and it said to check back ‘mid-March’ for decisions !

Do we know if acceptances will be through phone calls or emails/letters?

From what I’ve read from years past, it depends on the department! So, I’d say you could bet on either. Just in case, I’m answering all phone calls with a NY area code in case any of the programs I applied to call!

If they can’t get ahold of you through the phone, I’m sure they will email and send out letters regardless if they call!

Just FYI – the Pace MT calls started today. Not sure what the Acting timeline is

Has there been any word about the timeline for calls for stage management? Just looking for any idea for what/when to expect!

Has anyone heard about calls going out for Commercial Dance?

Nervously awaiting those BFA Acting/FTVC calls or emails !! If anyone hears anything about those?

From the 2024 MT Acceptance Forum: At 3:03 ElizaDoolittle posted “ My D got the call from Pace. We are kind of stunned. Especially as it came a mere hour after the CMU rejection email. This process is an emotional rollercoaster like no other. It still doesn’t quite feel real.”

I believe it’s for Acting so perhaps we’ll be hearing in the next couple of days!

That’s promising for the other programs too, so yay!

so are we to assume if we did not receive calls today we were not accepted?

I am most certainly not assuming that! From the digging I did from years past, not all the phone calls go out at once. Certain departments make calls over a span of multiple days until they finishing informing those that were accepted of their decision. I would say if you haven’t received a phone call, there is still hope! After all, it is only the beginning of March and Pace technically has until March 31st (or sometime in April) to inform everyone. Calls are probably different for most departments and some departments may even just be contacting by snail mail or email so I’m staying hopeful for the time being!

Update for the MT folks!

From the 2024 MT Accepted Forum

March 4th at 12:07 pm, posted by TheatreDad69: “According to the Crucible Cast Party on FB [Facebook]… Pace is starting to make their MT phone calls.”

Have calls for other programs started going out or is it still just MT?

@jordgoldberg In the commercial dance thread 2 people have said they received calls last 2 days.

Still crickets for Acting and FTCV?No notifications yet?

@WonderfulJourney As far as I know, from the stalking I’ve done in other forums, it’s still just MT and Commercial Dance that have gone out. Some say that not all get phone calls and just receive the ‘YES’ from email or mail, the week after calls go out. But, still crickets for now! I can’t help but check my Pace portal every hour or so and the same for my email!

Lol, same!!! @soltheatre