PaCE program?

Hi. how many people were offered PaCE and why were they not offered Summer B? Also, if enough people do not take the Summer B option would there be a way to appeal and try to get into Summer B instead of PaCE?

Hi. 3,118 were offered PaCE. Summer B was not offered since many of the classes that PaCE students need will not be offered in Summer B. If anyone is interested in an appeal of any aspect of admission to UF they should contact Admissions. Hope this helps.

Some general comments about PaCE. It is not a “holding” program to see if spots open up on the residential campus (i.e. it is not a “wait list”). Students will not move from a PaCE offer to a residential offer for fall (or summer “B”) admission. PaCE students can be on campus as soon as summer 2016 (fall 2015, spring 2016 in UF Online. Then if you have 60 credits and “track” correctly, you will be able to the residential campus in PaCE majors). Tracking for PaCE majors onto campus can be found on the list of majors. Liberal Arts and Sciences majors have the tracking requirements clearly listed. Other majors requirements will be put up next week.

More that anything, I was wondering why would I only get offered the UF PaCE program & not Summer B if I was not Fall 2015 material? I am grateful though I was not completely rejected, but I guess since this program is so new no one knows enough about it. Is this just the kids that could not fit in Fall or Summer or is there a real reason they were offered PaCE? As far as I know my major is offered in Fall and Summer and since you only need to take as little as 15 credits does your major really matter anyway since possible most of your credits could have been taken in HS?

Hello, I too did not get accepted the “traditional” way. Regarding the pace program, when I graduate from high school I should have 46 credits, so I would only need 14 more. What happens if I get to 60 credits within one semester? Do I have to do another online? Or can I transfer to the campus because I would already have my AA?

So lets say you want to go into interior design/architecture and you are required to take design 1.
Do you take that course online, go to Santa Fe or are you allowed to take it at UF?

If you take in online, how are the critiques done?
Are you allowed to transfer credit from Santa Fe if you prefer to attend live classes for your undergraduate requirements like math?

Is there an advisor available to help with this decision?

@Grad2019 - Invitations to join PaCE were made to applicants who would otherwise be admissible to UF. There just isn’t enough capacity on campus in the lower division courses. However not all majors are available in PaCE. For some of the majors, the lower division courses are not available online. Also not all of courses needed are offered online in Summer B. For that reason PaCE students can only start in the Fall.

@bkianka - Congrats! You may only be able to enter UF with 45 credits. Check with the Office of Admissions to confirm. My understanding of PaCE is that you will need to complete at least 15 credits AND two semesters in UF Online. So even if you complete the required 15 credits in the first semester, you’d need another semester in UF Online. I think that the earliest you would be able to transition to campus would be summer 2016.

@tawlmw - There are advisors available in the Office of Admissions and in the colleges who should be able to answer your questions. Regarding the specific scenario you describe, you would the design class once you transitioned to campus. Not all classes will be available online. Through UF Online you’d likely take all of our GenEd classes and some lower division classes for your major. Transfer credits from Santa Fe or other state colleges might be possible, but you would need to talk to your advisor.

Hi All. @gouf0876‌ is correct in all the above responses. Thanks for answering.

Do you think it would be possible to study abroad and get some of the 60 credits during the time the paCE student has to be studying online?

After reading the FAQ’s I see that the only professional school that even accepts online credits is law? I want to study dentistry so wouldn’t the whole pace program be a complete waste of time if the pre req classes I take for dental school don’t even count? Plus I don’t understand why they wouldn’t offer us summer? I would rather spend half of my summer at the actual university than spend a whole year behind a computer screen. When it comes to online classes I do HORRIBLE. I get distracted so easily and I need to be in an environment where I have to stay focused and have an actual teacher in front of me in a classroom, which I feel like I would not get through this program.

My son also got into the PACE program. I have several questions. Should these students elect to live in the Gainseville area- are we allowed to purchase a meal plan for them? Also can they be issued a Gator ID card? Will the online classes be more like an FLVS class where there is not actually a teacher speaking to you and you are learning on your own or are these video conferencing classes where there is a teacher present at the other end of the computer? Are PACE students allowed to attend speakers events and Gator Growl etc? Lastly-are there any considerations of getting PACE students together in Gainesville to support one another in this new UF venture? Thanks so much. It’s a huge decision! I have read thru whats available online but it is somewhat vague so any input is appreciated.

@Gatorgirl85 Sorry, no. You will not be able to buy a meal plan. However, they can eat on campus (just pay like people who are not residential students). All PaCE students WILL get a Gator ID card. It will look different than a residential Gator ID card. There are some samples on the UF Online web site and a Utube UF Online channel that shows you examples of UF Online courses. Keep in mind that almost ALL UF Online courses have residential students taking the exact same online course (it seems that undergraduates do not like waking up to go to class). Anything that is open to the public PaCE students are welcome to attend on campus. Getting PaCE students together in Gainesville is a great idea! We have no clue how many will decide to move to Gainesville. Once it becomes more clear on the number of PaCE students coming to campus we would be happy to help connect PaCE students.

Will there be a way for these students to connect with one another? My son was also offered this pace option and would like to live off campus at UF. It might be nice for some to house together. Also, when my son applied he put his major down as math but is considering engineering. Does the pace program offer degrees through the school of engineering?

@pauroyjj All UF Online students can study abroad (PaCE students are in UF Online prior to transitioning to campus). As far as the number of credits, if any, that depends on the program. We have a huge number of study abroad opportunities. Please keep in mind that some of the study abroad programs do not have the 25% tuition discount that you will get on ALL PaCE courses (some do). It depends on how they are run. If a residential student would get credit for a specific study abroad program, in general, so would a PaCE student.

@jacob2304 Most dent programs do not accept online course. Our med school will accept UF Online courses but may not accept an online course taken outside UF (and non-UF med schools can decide to NOT accept our Online courses). Due to these issues, we suggest that if you are set on dent school that it would better for you to be in a program where you can obtain all your preeq credits residentially.

As far as summer not being an option, a large number of UF courses needed for the PaCE program are not taught in the summer. That is the major reason PaCE will start in the fall semester.

Hi @mlsilvers. We had not thought about setting something up to connect PaCE students who are interested in coming to Gainesville, but there appears to be a number of people interested in this activity. Let us see what we can come up with on Monday to connect PaCE students together (especially students interested in living together here in Gainesville). Thanks for the suggestion!!!

Math is in PaCE, and is why he got an offer. Eng is not in PaCE (exception is Computer Science which is in PaCE and is run through the College of ENG but the major is offered through Liberal Arts and Sciences - I know, this all can get confusing!). If he is deciding between an Eng major and Math, he could enter PaCE as a Math major. If he decided to do any Eng major (exception is Computer Sci, which would not be an issue) he would NOT be guaranteed a spot in Eng on campus. He would have to go through the normal transfer process (of course, he WOULD be guaranteed a place in any other PaCE major he was interested in - as long as he had the correct courses/GPA in courses).

Hope this helps and let me know anything else that is confusing/need info on.

So you are basically saying that all of the classes I would have needed to take for my major of Journalism would have been taken by Fall students(should they all accept), and classes that I would need were NOT offered during the Summer B session so that is why I would have been offered PaCE? If so that would make being pushed to an online status a little easier to swallow or tell people. No one seems to understand why if I am admitted I cannot be admitted the “traditional” way. Did the people that got into Fall, just get there first? Thankyou

@Grad2019 Sorry for the confusion. The reason PaCE students cannot start in the summer is b.c in general, the courses needed for PaCE students are not online in summer (some are, but many more will be offered in the fall). The offer of PaCE/Residential has nothing to do with course offering. Admissions made the decision that you are an outstanding student and that we want you to be a Gator. The lack of space on campus does not allow us to immediately make an offer to everyone that we would like (for residential admission). The PaCE program, due to the online component, allows us to increase the number of offers to UF. You can then come to campus as fast as next summer (Summer 2016) in PaCE majors.

The FAQ page says that PaCE students must complete a total of 60 credits before transitioning to on campus classes. Does this mean students must earn their Associates degree in order to transition or do they only mean a collection of any 60 college credit hours? Also, when will we be able to access more information about the way in which specific colleges, like the College of Journalism and Communications, relate to PaCE students?

I’m here with all the parents asking the same questions. I really like the idea of connecting the PaCE students in some way. What is the biggest difference between PaCE and just applying for on UF online classes?