PaCE program?

Hi. My son was not accepted but offered to attend the PaCE program, which is on-line for at least two semesters and then you can go to UF. Is this just their polite way of rejecting people? Does anyone know anything about this?

He has been accepted to several other schools, so can’t imagine he will do this, but I’ve never seen anything like this and was wondering what it really was.

It’s actually more like a wait listing. A lot of people got rejected, but not that many got a PaCe invite in comparison. It he does online classes for 1 year, he’ll be on the UF campus with the rest of the students by sophomore year.

I wouldn’t say it is a waiting list - it is the opportunity to be a UF online student and then transition to campus when ready without having to apply as a transfer student. It can be longer than 1 year depending on how many AP/IB/AICE/dual enrollment classes your son has. FAQs are here

This is the first time I’ve heard of the program; UF Pathway to Campus Enrollment (UF PaCE).

My thoughts, is this is the combination of two separate UF initiatives. Finding ways to expand access to campus and it’s effort to grow UF Online.

UF has put in place several alternative programs to gain access to UF. The UF innovation academy allows students to attend the summer and spring terms, but that can’t attend the more crowded Fall Term. UF Gator Engineering at Santa Fe allows engineering students to attend Santa Fe community college for a semester or two, and then they automatically transfer to UF.

Now, instead of using a summer/spring term cycle, or Santa Fee CC, they will use UF Online.

The other initiative is growing UF Online. The state of Florida see’s this as an alternative path that is much more cost effective (25% discount over normal low in-state tuition rates, ability to live at home) and makes UF possible for those that can’t (or would rather not) move to Gainesville.

For many if not most UF Freshman, this program isn’t a good fit. They will want to go to another college for the full college experience and have the stats to get them into those other schools. It also doesn’t work well for several majors (such as pre-med, engineering, etc.).

However, for some this could be a much better option that going to the local CC and then transferring to UF. It’s very cost effective, as you can live at home for the first two years, and get the tuition discount. You also don’t have to apply as a transfer student (thought you have to met your majors requirements, like any other on-campus student).

@Gator88NE So if enough people decline their offer for summer, is it possible for people who are currently project for the PaCE to move into summer?

@jonmakam22 - No, UF admits enough students to yield the appropriate number - PaCE students move to campus when they meet the requirements.

Has anyone done the PaCE program, or know anyone who has? What year did this program actually start?

Hi all. I am Associate Director of UF Online and would be happy to answer any questions regarding PaCE that you may have. This is a great discussion. The program is new and really has not been done elsewhere. Some general info. You can “transition” to campus (no need to “transfer”) once you have 60 credits in any of the PaCE majors. Depending on how many (if any) you bring into UF you could be on campus as early as summer 2016.

I got accepted to PaCE this evening & I am a FL resident. I am in the IB program at my school and was really hoping for a more traditional experience at UF. I have already been accepted to 2 other major universities here, but UF was my top choice. So it is a real dilemma as to what to do next. My sister attends UF so if I did do PaCE I would live with her in G’ville, but wondered if PaCE students get any of the privileges of traditional student, i.e. student ID’s for transportation, or use of UF facilities. I don’t want to just sit at home and work on a computer so I would probably want to make use of the libraries etc. so I stay in the swing of things until I can get into the real campus. Also, my parents did FL prepaid. and were wondering if that can still be used, or scholarships etc., What about housing when you finish your 60 credits, my parents also paid for dorms, am I guaranteed a room once I transition over? Thank you!

If you accept PaCE you will be a UF Online student. Please see the UF Online web site, which lists exactly what you can and cannot do. Briefly, you cannot get student tickets to sports events (you are welcome to buy non-student tickets). You will not be able to ride the buses for free or use the UF rec center. The reason is that as a UF Online student you will not be paying these fees. You WILL have complete access to the library. This includes online AND checkout of materials on campus from the libraries (and can of course study in the library). Please see the UF Online web site for details. Prepaid and all aid/scholarships are treated the same as if you were admitted as a residential student. No worries there! When you finish your 60 hours and transition to campus you will be treated exactly like a residential student (including losing your 25% tuition discount that you will receive while you are in PaCE!).

Hi, thanks so much for the information, it will really help me in making my decision! The bigger one will be how many credits I have coming in so I can see how long it would be before I could be a residential student. What about the housing when I transition over, are PaCE students guaranteed a dorm room like a freshman, or are the treated like a sophomore and put to the bottom of the list? Sorry for so many questions but there is not much of info online about PaCE, when did it start? Do they ever reconsider students who were offered PaCE. for Summer B? Thanks again.

Hi. Well, PaCE “officially” started the same time you logged in a saw your offer. :smile:

This is the first time this sort of program was even possible. The amount of credits you will be able to bring in will be a discussion you will have with your advisor. PaCE will start in the fall (there is currently not a summer option). When you transition to campus you will not be guaranteed a dorm room (that is our current understanding in UF Online - but a great question that we will look into).

Wow…I didn’t realize it just started, no wonder I couldn’t find any information about it! I know the dorm thing would be a big concern for my parents especially when they already paid for it, so hopefully they will figure out something soon. I don’t think they want me in an apartment right away. Do I have to wait to accept to speak to an advisor at UF or can I speak to someone to help me make my decision prior to accepting?

Please call ASAP! (well, Monday) to ask about any advising issues. We encourage anyone interested in the PaCE offer to contact us right away! If you know a major(s) that you are interested in you will be pointed to the correct person in that College(s) when you call.

Thank you, since we are off school on Monday, I will have all day to speak to someone!

Sorry, one more question if you are still on. what about some kind of orientation or “Preview”? Is there any now for PaCE students or will there be once their 60 credits are satisfied like a Freshman? Thanks

Could my son live off campus, take the online courses and join a fraternity ? We are out of state and he would like the full college experience. Is that something we can do with PaCe? He was accepted at another University of which USNews has you both ranked #48 this is a very hard decision for us! My son graduated University of Florida and my daughter is a junior at Penn Statei University Park. Living at home and just taking online courses would not be something he would do. I am hoping living in Gainsville, online classes and going to football games, fraternity and sharing in what University of Florida is something he will be able to do?Thank you!

Hi, Yes. you will go through an online orientation called “Links” upon entry into PaCE. Once you transition to campus you will go through a Preview-like orientation.

Hi Cindie. Of course your son can come to Gainesville and live off campus in the many great places here. The fraternity question is addressed on the FAQ for PaCE. In brief, Fraternities are not “owned/run” by UF and each one follows their national guidelines. I would check with each one that your son is potentially interested in. UF has no issues with a PaCE student joining one if the chapter is OK with having a PaCE student. He can join clubs on campus (see FAQ). Everything you note above he can do (with the fraternity question I note above). He will NOT be able to get student tix to games, but (just like I do!) can buy tix to any events he would want go to. He would NOT be able to ride the buses for free but can pay to ride them. The reason for the “no” answers on some stuff is that he will not be paying fees that all residential students do for these services. He has complete access to the libraries and can of course go in and study/check stuff out.

Let me know any more questions!!! I am biased but think PaCE is a GREAT program. You can tell him he will never have to wake up early for a class!!!