Pace University BFA Acting 2025

Has anyone heard back from Pace University’s acting program? Gotten a call or email? I’m waiting for an answer on my admission and am very nervous! Thanks!

Yes, my daughter got an acceptance via the portal last week. Many others were called, but she was not, though she thinks she checked off not to call on the application.

I believe they have decision letter under the School of Performing Arts tab on the Student Portal.

My D found an acceptance into the IPE Acting program under the performing arts tab of her portal, but never received a phone call either. :slight_smile: She was excited to find it!

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My D’s friend is a freshman in that program and loves it!

RE: IPE…I am so glad to hear that! The more my D researches it, the more excited she gets! I have not seen others on CC talking about IPE acceptance for this year yet, so it is good to hear from others who chose it recently with that positive feedback :slight_smile: