Painting kitchen cabinets!

Ok folks. DH agreed to having our kitchen cabinets painted. Woohoo. I would love some more pictures to show him of white, or light Grey cabinets.

We have light oak floors.

But I want him to see it all! So please please…give me some pics to show him.

Also, in terms of finish….Matt, or satin?

Will you be doing the painting or having a professional? If you’re having someone experienced do it I’d largely give them the nod to what type of paint. Or at least to give you the best options for your situation. (My mind wants to say you will want something with a little sheen for wipe-a-bility).

Do you have a pic of one cabinet door? Or are your cabinet door/drawers flush or do they have some grooves or raised parts?


Semi-gloss for cabinetry. I highly recommend hiring a pro specializing in cabinet painting. The prior owner of our house did a very shoddy job painting the perfectly fine shaker style cherry kitchen. The paint was peeling badly less than ten years after the renovation.

If the cabinets are grainy oak, no reasonable amount of paint will be able to cover up that texture. If that is the case, the cabinets can be refaced with new, smooth finish doors.


We are having a pro do this. Not a task we want to tackle ourselves.

@BunsenBurner they tell me the satin finish is akin to the older semigloss finishes. I don’t want really really shiny, but I don’t want matt.

@abasket raised panel doors.


Glad you are going with a pro. :+1: I would defer to them regarding paint type.

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Oh…and not doing refacing. It’s four times the cost…no kidding. And we know this means there will possibly be some “grain” in the painted finish. There will be 5-6 coats of stuff. With some sanding…so the pro says, this should be minimal.

I’m talking about the situations where just replacing the doors will do, not the global refacing where the cabinetry gets veneered all over. In some cases, installing factory-finished new doors can be cheaper than repainting the existing ones.

We have a LOT of doors. Replacing them would be much more costly according to the estimate. Plus there is the issue of matching the factory paint to what we have chosen for these cabinets.

If this paint job lasts 5 years, that works. We can hire this pro to do touch up if needed.

But folks…I’d love pics of white kitchens so my DH can see! Please.

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We are having our cabinets painted professionally, as soon as I order and have 1 new cabinet installed after or fridge fiasco. We actually paid a professional to come tell us what color we should paint them. I was thinking BM Dove White, but would have also liked a light gray color. We all decided BM Dove White was the way to go.
Back story to this - we had a built-in fridge that was off-white, and off-white cabinets, so when we had our entire house painted we started with kitchen color and went from there. IF we could have had white cabinets then, our entire house may have been painted different colors. But it’s fine, and we like the colors.

@thumper1 , I think you saw my white kitchen cabinets over on the “Gray” thread. Here are my gray bathroom cabinets in case it helps…I like both but I (personally) preferred white in the kitchen… Originally I wanted white in this bathroom but when I put the sample in there it looked way too sterile.


What color are your countertops? Your paint choice might be determined by that.

I would go scout Redfin for MLS pictures of white kitchens.

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Counters are ivory fantasy granite.

And our appliances are white…and that is NOT changing.


And what color are your floors? I think it matters!!

Floors are oak. No stain. Just Poly.

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Well I don’t have a home pic to share but these are some I found on Pinterest that have lighter countertops and oak floors. And raised panel for most I think!


My cabinets are more like this type of raised panel…but no curved top to the raise…just a straight top.

And our wall paint is sort of the same color…maybe a little lighter.


I wouldn’t do knobs…I’d do handles.

If you choose gray, be sure to look at it in every kind of light you’ll get. Grays can pull different undertones. Our walls are gray, and we ordered samples that you can stick on to visualize better. We were really happy we did that. We ordered from Samplize.


I think with oak floors, white will play better than grey on the cabinets.

Can you go to a cabinet store and see about getting some door samples to take home so you can see the colors?


Oh yes…we will get samples. The grey the painter brought a sample of was nice and looked fine with our walls…but it wasn’t quite the many grey colors in our granite. So…I will get some samples.

My husband is leaning toward all white. I’m not so sure about that but I guess all one color won’t scream 2022 as loudly!

This isn’t getting done until end of April…because we need to be able to open our windows!

Sheesh, when we chose the gray paint color for our kitchen, we must have tried 20 shades. This after already having painted other rooms different gray/greige shades already! It’s tough.

Note: Revere pewter was one of those shades. We already had it in our hallway/stairway. We painted the whole kitchen, and a week later I was in tears because all I could see in it was…brown.

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