Painting kitchen cabinets!

We painted our dark cabinets to white in the first house …. best $18 we ever spent (though wish we had done it sooner). However it was a ton of work for my husband. Money was tighter then, so it was the right call.

Replacing the nightmarish green patterned linoleum in that kitchen was a good move too. But what a marriage buster installing it ourselves. We vowed to never do that again!


Yes, painted cabinets can sometimes look less than ideal if the person/company doing it doesn’t have high standards. A friend (who’s very cost-conscious) hired someone -have to say, they don’t look that great close up (although she is happy!). You can see the grain, the paint seems translucent at points.

My hub actually has years of experience in woodworking. He’s done it before (in another house) and the cabinets look like they came out of a store, brand new. The trick is getting him to agree - with high standards come tons of time and commitment. I’ve tried asking him to hire someone he could supervise - but that would just be uncomfortable for all concerned. :laughing:

Colorado_mom - my hub and I just put in a luxury vinyl floor (on top of linoleum) - that was actually not too bad! I bet you could do that pretty easily (vs. other floor styles).


I saw another job my painter did. It has held up well for over three years, and while there is a little “grain” to the finish…it looks terrific!


Seeing other work is what made me decide to paint my cabinets. They guy showed me someone else’s and they looked really really good. I will be fine if I only get several years before they need something else done. By then we will decide if we’re staying in this house, and I can decide if I want to put all new fronts on.


Ok…here are a couple of before and after pics! The grey by the fridge is really the color. The desk area looks blueish….but it’s not…it’s the same grey!


What a transformation paint makes. Beautiful!

Knobs…will be round antique brass. I think they will look terrific with both the white and the grey.


The grey goes very nicely with the desktop. Well done!

Looks fabulous!

Yes…the grey was chosen to match the granite. As were the knobs.

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What a nice transformation. I like stained wood, but I get tired of things after a while. Paint is such a wonderful way to bring in an entirely new look.

Good job.


I hope you post a photo of the completed project when the knobs go on! That’s like the cabinet jewelry ; )

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Great progress! Looking good.

Nice - I was considering a light gray, but we (husband, color consultant and I) all agreed in my kitchen it just made them look dirty.
I had my table and chairs repainted dove white since we will soon be having our cabinets done. They turned out great. The tops of the table and the seats of the chairs are natural wood, and rest is white.
One thing I didn’t realize is it takes 2-3 weeks for the paint to “cure” - so you may want to be extra careful with your cabinets for a couple of weeks. We are not using our table and chairs for a couple of weeks.


Yes. No cabinet or drawer use for two weeks

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Did I ever post pics with the knobs? If not…here you go!


That looks lovely!

The painters did a great job! :+1::+1:

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Love it!

Very pretty combo of gray and white. Well done.