Pakistan Class of 2024

Hey Guys!
I have started this thread so that prospective student from Pakistan can have discussions. Feel free to ask and please respect everyone’s privacy. I would love to know where you guys have applied, what decisions did you get, and where did you get accepted/rejected.


I only applied to LUMS, and got my acceptance email last week. I hope this whole A Level expected grade stuff doesn’t screw over us people with conditional offers.

Congrats on being accepted to LUMS. I have also applied to LUMS and am awaiting the acceptance letter. The waiting period of May till June is too long, they should have one date to release decisions for everyone. :[
Do you mind me asking your applied programme and credentials?

Thanks. I applied to the Mushtaq Ahmed Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences, first major preference Economics.
My creds are 7As 1B in O Levels, 1A 2Bs in AS, and 1450 SAT score. My AS is pretty average so I was going to make that all As in A2, but expected grades kind of screwed that up.

Oh and I hope you get your acceptance soon too.