Parents are forcing me to study for an incredibly difficult international exam.

Hello, I’m currently an American high school Junior who’s a part of my school’s jazz band,an officer of my school’s neuroscience club, a member of a tutoring organization, and will have taken 7 AP’s by the end of my junior year. I’m also training for joining my school’s track and cross-country teams. I’ve heavily invested myself in securing these EC’s and working hard to get A’s in all my classes.Unfortunately,my parents are planning on reducing the number of AP’s I’m taking this year, and are essentially disregarding my EC’s in favor of the Indian National Eligibility cum Entrance Test(NEET)(and also,I’m from Indian descent), which is apparently regarded as an incredibly hard exam and requires insane amounts of preparation, in addition to almost 800-900,000 competitors every year. My parents reason that scoring a high percentile in this exam will drastically shorten my medical school study time and allow me to earn a degree that’ll be valid both here and there.However,I insist that the effort that I’ve been putting into earning my EC’s would be worth pursuing a medical degree here rather than starting afresh and preparing an incredibly difficult entrance exam. How can I convince my parents to not push me towards studying for the NEET exam?

TL;DR:All the effort that I’ve been put in securing EC’s relating to my passion and being in many weighted classes for a good GPA has a chance of going disregarded for as my parents want me to start afresh and prepare for the Indian NEET examination in order to earn a medical degree there rather than here,as that’s my passion.How can I convince my parents to let me study and earn a degree in the US,compared to my parents’ approach of studying for the Indian NEET examination?