Parents' groups

So, looking around social media I see a bunch of parents’ groups for Gettysburg sports teams, but no generic parents’ group for current students. Am I just not putting in the right search parameters? Is there a parents’ group on a platform I don’t know about?

I also have not found a thing despite a thorough search.

I was actually thinking about calling the college and asking if the parent group could be started on fb.

I cannot seem to find the dates for Parent’s Weekend 2019 on the website. If anyone has insight, I would greatly appreciate it.

Family weekend is November 1-3.

Here is a link to the academic calendar for 2019-2020:

Reply from Admissions:

Good morning, Chantelle,

Thank you so much for reaching out!

Right now we do not have a Facebook page for parents, but we will certainly keep the idea in mind for the future.

I’d be happy to connect you with parents of current students, if you’re interested in making a connection and asking questions about their experiences. Additionally, if there is anything else I can do to assist, please let me know.

My best,

Thanks for getting that information. I personally would like to connect with a parent of a current student, so I will contact admissions.

No problem! I wonder if we could start an unofficial one not linked directly to the college…so they wouldn’t be responsible for it.

That’s my worry - the people they connect you with would be the ones college-approved, so you wouldn’t necessarily get the real scoop on things.

There’s a small group on Facebook now - Gettysburg College Parents (unofficial)