Parents of the HS Class of 2009 (Part 1)

<p>OK, I can't stand it anymore. To new beginnings!</p>

<p>Thanks for taking this on and creating it. Not sure I'm quite ready yet. Need to get this year over with first but onward!!</p>

<p>I am definitely feeling the stress all of a sudden. Trouble sleeping, trouble breathing. Whenever that happens, I need to tackle every little tiny task that is pending so I feel in better control. If S2 isn't careful, I'm going to take his practice calculus exam just because it is something to do.</p>

<p>Do you think this is how our kids will feel when they're leaving for college? While it's nice to have a new place to call "home," there's still a longing for the old, familiar place.</p>

<p>S needs to take an online math placement test for his school, too. I'm thinking it would make a lot of sense to have him do it as soon as it's available (May 11) so all the studying for AP Calc & Stats doesn't go to waste. I have no idea what he's thinking, though.</p>

<p>School shopping w/ D three years ago was a lot of fun. I'm not imagining the same scenario w/ S, however -- unless we get him a new laptop.</p>

<p>We have told S2 the new laptop will come in August so we can take advantage of any technology changes between now and then. Also, I pulled the trigger on a new desk top for myself yesterday since my work depends on it and I need to spread out the pain.</p>

<p>As for shopping, we are giving him a check and have told him he is to furnish his dorm room, buy clothes or save the money, his option. He has never been a shopper but keeps threatening to blow the bank this summer because S1 is a clothes hog, so he believes it his due. I bet once he has the money in hand he won't buy a thing.</p>

<p>Speaking of laptops - is anyone else in the same boat, wondering whether to fork out extra $$ for a MAC vs risk waiting for Windows 7?</p>

<p>Thanks for starting the tread TA. Feels a little weird though. Is that the sound of my keyboard echoing on bare walls?</p>

<p>TheAnalyst: I'm not surprised you're feeling stressed. You and your family have been through a lot on top of the regular stresses of this phase of life. If you have any stress relieving techniques, now's the time to use them. I'm talking about the big ones - shared foot rubs with H on the couch, indulging in a massive helping of your favorite desert, turning off tecnology and delving into a comfortable book of fiction written by your favorite author and lastly, follow the advice of an old cyber friend of mine:</p>



<p>For me, that's a walk with my dogs. Always makes me feel better.</p>

<p>We aren't considering a Mac because it isn't recommended for some of the engineering programs and my understanding is that Windows 7 won't be available until the fall of 2009(late October is the latest I have read and I follow the forums pretty closely), so I don't think it is possible to wait if a laptop is mandatory which it is at UVA this year, at least for its fall 2009 freshman engineering class. UVA is recommending Vista. With enough RAM, I think Vista will be OK.</p>

<p>Thanks SueD. I do need to do something. Lots of balls still up in the air, including H's job which was supposed to happen on Monday but didn't. When it rains, it pours.</p>

<p>My d intends to major in math, and I advised her to e-mail the head of the department to ask whether there are recommendations to choose one system over another. I know that MAC users are at a disadvantage with statistical software that I use; but perhaps it won't make a difference in the math department.</p>

<p>I've also been following the Windows 7 situation pretty closely. My information is that it will be available in the fall for purchase on new PCs; however, it may be downloadable as an upgrade already in June. Of course, who really knows.... (any Microsoft employees out there?)</p>

<p>We're not sure what to do on the laptop front either. I know it's going to be PC cause D is into science and I think that's preferable but operating system wise I think we're required to have Vista premium (oh well). This computer uses Vista and I had to reinstall everything after corruption during updates. </p>

<p>Having just wasted more than 7 hours on the phone with Dell trying to get support for an upgrade I purchased from them, I'm thinking of looking for another vendor. They've been really good with support for my son's laptop but telling me they want me to pay for support for installing a new card because the underlying system isn't under warranty anymore made me question why I would buy anything else from them.</p>

<p>Have gotten nothing for DS who's graduating from college next week nor for DD who graduates from high school at the end of the month. The laptop will most likely be her graduation gift but she won't get it until sometime this summer.</p>

<p>I don't think D has to take any placement tests but she's definitely worried about taking the second french course because although she took french 4 it was last year. She's just going to have to review over the summer.</p>

<p>We've already bought and received the laptop. Windows in a configuration recommended by the college. Gave it to D this weekend -- sort of a reward before the tests start. She knows it's her grad present and she just got it early. Works for her. Also gives us time to see if there are any quirks with it. Some reason anything techy she seems to break quickly. Poor verizon has had to replace numerous cell phones for her over the years. Always seems to break them prior to the warranty expiring thank goodness.</p>

<p>I have to buy another car before Son goes away to school. D wanted one when she turned 16, but it wasn't in the financial cards. But Son will take his to school, so D needs to get one before he goes. </p>

<p>Oh yeah, and welcome everyone. The new home doesn't quite have the historical ambiance of the 09 thread, but once we get through graduation, it will be well worn in!</p>

<p>The cuts made at both Dell and HP have definitely impacted support. From what I can tell by reading the community forums, however, they have both gotton much worse. I am looking at Lenovo on the laptop (T500 perhaps), but did just go with the dell xps 435t desktop for myself. I wanted that corei7 chip, but that runs too hot for a laptop. There is a dell studio xps 16 laptop that also looks interesting. I would be very interested to hear what brands of PC others are considering.</p>

<p>TheAnalyst, the XPS support is FAR better than the rest of the Dell support. Just make sure you call in through the XPS number. FYI, the computer we bought the upgraded video card for was an XPS and the rest of the Dell support staff are seriously clueless when it comes to supporting that machine. I just sent the video card they recommended back to them (wouldn't even fit in the motherboard!) First they said it would fit then they said it wouldn't then they said of course it would and then when I had the XPS apart and it wouldn't fit they said of course it didn't. Had to keep DH far from the phone! Then ordered a different card from them which they said wouldn't come for 4 weeks so tried to cancel the order but they said they had already shipped it even though it was still marked as in production and then it's supposed to come today but in the meantime I bought the same card elsewhere for much less so told Dell to give me another return number so I'll be returning theirs again. Really what's the point of buying from them if they won't even support installing the new product. Oh and that first video card came without a box or instructions or even video drivers.</p>

<p>Richmond recommends the Lenovo's for laptops so maybe we will go that route.</p>

<p>The latest issue of Consumer Reports that arrived last week reviews laptops. Just thought I'd mention that in case anyone is interested.</p>

<p>We went to the MAC store & were told that they would be offering free iPods with a laptop purchase in June. Again, if anyone is interested!</p>

<p>sharon, does Richmond recommend a particular series from Lenovo? I got so spoiled looking a desktop specs that I'm still have trouble making the adjustment to laptops. My older son says the next laptop he will buy for himself will be a Lenovo based on what students are carrying. They appear to be well built.</p>

<p>TA, they don't actually recommend a specific model for students just capabilities.</p>

<p>PC Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB memory
160 GB or higher drive
Ethernet modem V.90 56K/10/100/<br>
Wireless card 802.11g compliant
Vista Business or Ultimate
FireShield surge protector with 750 joules rated 120v/15a is required by University Housing Department.</p>

<p>One other comment they make which makes a lot of sense to me. "If you are planning to spend time during the summer getting to know your new computer, purchase it early in the summer. Any savings or enhancements that take place over the summer will not be more valuable than the skills you acquire this way. You will arrive on campus with a computer that you know how to use and will be ready to use it regularly in your courses and recreation. On the other hand, if you are going to be too busy over the summer to use your computer, delay the purchase until August to ensure that you acquire the most current system available."</p>

<p>We're in the market for a Mac as well. We've always had Macs at home. I was wondering when the Mac "deals" would be offered, thanks for the info, ChiSquare. </p>

<p>We were thinking to wait until as late as possible to purchase, with the thought that the ever-changing computer market would have something bigger and better to offer. </p>

<p>D major is definitely undecided, with a faint possibility it could be math, I'm hoping she won't have difficulties if that were to happen.</p>