Parents of the HS Class of 2021 (Part 2)

Yes! We all need a hug. USC is her dream school and she is crying her head off even after expecting that it is so hard to get the scholarship. I don’t know how to console her.


Sorry for your S21 too. I am hopeful that we will get the good news come April.

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I am sure you will receive the good news in April too.

@anaray It sucks when it’s their dream school. S21 liked USC when we visited but he knew he would only go there if he got substantial merit since I can’t justify full cost when we could get a solid UC.

But he was crushed after Brown deferral. If he doesn’t know the results, it’s still a yes. :joy:


Thank you and same to your son too! Actually S21 is more interested in BU than USC and he is an NMF (not officially yet, as we are waiting for the letter), and he designated BU as his first choice as well. Though he can switch to undecided before 3/1, he is clear that the chance of getting admission to BU is more than USC. But BU has ED1 and ED2, so not sure how many spots will be left for RD. And BU doesn’t guarantee NMF presidential scholarship whereas USC does. Lots of uncertainties. Hoping for the first week of April soon :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry to those disappointed by USC today. Hang in there. The finish line is so close.
Did anyone read this parent’s post linked below? They recently received a FA award letter from a school after they’d been deferred in Dec., only to call the school and be told it was sent in error :pensive:


You are so correct that it doesn’t justify the cost. Right now my D21 can’t see further than today’s result and everything is half empty in her eyes. But I see this as half full with UVA Echols scholar and UMich acceptance. She will realize down the line in 10 years. For now I am trying hard to make her understand.


It is my daughter who is applying this year. My son will apply in three years. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
She is NMF too. I read that it is harder for NMFs to get admission at USC. I don’t know how true it is, but that is a consolation in itself for me!

This group is like a safe little harbor in a shark-infested website.


@anaray whoa!!! UVA and UMamong public Ivies. If it makes her feel better, we hire way more people from UVA and UM than USC :). That’s for Engr, business concentrations, and IT :). She’s got two great schools in her back pocket!


Yeah, that’s the way it was for my D. She loved USC, but not at full price.


Add us to the no scholarship letter at USC group… at least that combined with being CAP’d at UT starts to narrow the field. The 1/2 tuition at USC for NMF would still leave it as the most expensive on her list by a lot. Onward!


I know right now it is hard for your daughter when she wanted USC and merit but those two admits she got are incredible OOS and there are thousands of kids who would love to have those two as options.


Oh, big hugs to her. FWIW, I have heard that at my D’s school USC tends to accept very few NMF, and kids with slightly lower stats get in. This is a school with great college placement with a good % of kids getting into Ivies and T-20s.

I think it’s so hard for our kiddos, many of whom seem to be very high achieving and hardworking. They see this as the culmination of all of their HS effort. They think a rejection means “I’m not good enough,” rather than “there aren’t enough seats for everybody who is good enough.” And then there’s the extra complication of COVID-19, not only for admissions, but also the burden placed on our kids. They are all heroes.

UVA OOS is an amazing result - and Echols is more amazing still! She should be very proud. Michigan routinely places in the top 5 of public universities nationwide and is also internationally ranked. Let her grieve USC, give her lots of hugs, and hopefully by May she’ll be excited about her options.


I think this is generally true about USC overall. It’s very popular for kids from our school in the Chicago burbs to apply to. Usually about 30 or more apply. In a normal year maybe 5 get in and 1 may get a scholarship. Last year I don’t think any got the scholarship but I’m not sure. Historically though, they tend to pass over the higher ranked kids and take a mixed bag which truly shows they’re looking for something unique and specific, which is great. We’ve also heard they love community service so often those kids have something unique in that regard but who knows? Siblings as well often tend to get in year after year. My son really liked it when he visited and it was on his list to apply but once he started seeing the massive increases in applications everywhere, knowing the unlikelihood of receiving a scholarship or even acceptance, how they have had to deal with Covid (no one on campus etc) and writing more essays he decided to take a pass. A few of his friends applied but so far he hasn’t heard if they got scholarships. I’m guessing no. It’s a tough year for everyone.

He also has a UVA acceptance but they don’t have a great engineering/cs program so that’s pretty much off the table and Purdue is looking much better and at half the price a steal.

It’s a hard year for all these kids but they will all wind up somewhere and if they don’t like it, as I’ve always said, nothing is permanent. They can always transfer.


I wonder if it’s a yield thing for USC? I never understand the yield thing. Our #1-2 kids didn’t get $. They’re S21’s bffs and the other two S21 knew didn’t get it, either. We thought his UCLA regent and Berkeley MET regent and SEEDS invite buddy would get it. I was hoping for a clean sweep for that kid. I told him there was no scholarship essay involved. :joy: (as he is working on his regents essays and I’m setting aside 3 hours to review them. :joy:).


Same here. No NMFs get into USC and those kids who do are not the tippy top kids. Not sure exactly how they determine fit but I can say that the kids we know who were accepted are a good fit for the school and did indeed enroll likely as full pay. A few were also recruited athletes.


@homerdog It’s S21 and his friends’ first lessons in over confidence. :). I think because they knew some people from older classes who got in with grades and course rigor way less than theirs (prob full pay because as a junior, are you really worried about things like details of scholarships?!) that they assume they would all get merit and the one friend who couldn’t technically afford it would get a full ride where ever. So that was their pipe dream. Unless they got into their dream schools, this would be the one where they would forgo the other schools, attend USC and room together. Haha. Gotta love bosom buddy bro mentality of 16-17 year olds.


Not to try to give too much false hope here, but…my D20 last year was admitted to USC without getting the early invite for a top scholarship. She was an NMF with high stats, etc. The pool of applicants who get the early invite is ridiculously small - around 2 percent of the early apps. There is still hope for an admit in March, although without a top scholarship. There are also a tiny number of smaller scholarships awarded in March. It’s not all doom and gloom, although I understand the disappointment of not getting the scholarship invite. It’s a tough year all around this year. Hang in there all!


Same with my D19, who was an NMF, didn’t get the usc scholarship invite but got in the regular pool in March. But yes, as someone said here, even with NMF, the coa comes a little more than 50K :flushed: