Parents of the HS Class of 2023 3.0-3.4

Starting a new thread for Parents of the HS class of 2023 with kids in this GPA range. I have found these threads from previous years so helpful and look forward to creating a supportive and helpful discussion for our 23s.


My daughter falls into this category. She is currently all remote for the remaining of this semester. At this point being still 15 she see’s what her older sister who was a 2020 grad has endured with trying to go to college in the fall and being sent home after 3 weeks. She is strongly considering community college for 2 years before transferring to a university. Time will tell.


Our kids have been remote since last March, which has been a huge struggle for my extroverted D23. Her search is going to be much different than our D21, who is only interested in small LACs, so I’m looking forward to learning more about bigger schools. And hoping for a lot more normalcy by the time our current sophomores graduate!

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Thank you for starting this thread! I am sure I will be posting here regarding my daughter’s college search. I have lurked on the other threads and it’s so encouraging to read all of the outcomes. I have my ideas about where D will end up/what she wants-but she plays things close to the vest and she might surprise me. She is not really academic and her grades are all over the place - A’s in English & History/Social Studies/Electives…B/C in Science and Spanish…and C/D’s in math. She is dyslexic with an IEP that she doesn’t seem to use much. The good thing about dealing with learning disabilities since elementary school is that she has really learned to organize herself - I never have to remind her about homework or studying, which I really appreciate.


Hi there, I hope it is okay if I post here. D23 could end up with a 3.8 or a 3.3 at this point. She is “2e” which means she has an extremely high IQ but she also has serious executive functioning issues. She takes classes at a community college for dual credit and online APs because when she was younger she took high school level material early (she is homeschooled, but took classes with online accredited providers) and did not have these issues at that time. Her father put all of us through some serious emotional rollercoasters during her 8th grade year, plus she hit puberty, and that’s when the executive functioning issues started. When she does work she does it very well, but she often ends up turning things in late or sometimes just plain forgets she has assignments, and that brings her grades way down. So I have no idea how all this is going to end up. I am doing what I can to help her, but am divorced and her father is not much help and doesn’t check up on her when she is with him. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are if you don’t turn in the assignments or forget about tests that are coming up. I have her use a calendar, but she will sometimes forget during the actual day. I am doing my best to help her. It’s not laziness. She is trying. And when she only has one class to think about at a time, she does exceptionally well (over the summer).

I already think either Colorado College (if she can get in) or Cornell College would likely be the best way for her to go since they both have block plans and I feel she would do very well with only one class at a time. She wouldn’t have to juggle that way, and juggling is what gives her difficulty.

Her college search needs to include great colleges that routinely accept kids with B averages instead of mostly-A averages, so I hope it is okay if I am here.

Happy to have anyone here who finds the thread useful, of course, and we all know that GPA is no indicator of intelligence! D21 has a friend who committed very early to Cornell College. She visited just before the pandemic and fell in love with the place.


Thanks! One of D23’s (older) best friends was accepted to Cornell College this year and will likely choose to attend. I wish more colleges had a block plan schedule. D23 does very well with deep dives into one subject at a time.

In. Thanks for starting the thread. Just got done with DD21. Now on to DS23. Very different kids. Like another poster above, might end up with a 3.3 or 3.8.

Having gone through the process once with DD who went test optional for her top choice and got in, I feel a little bit more relaxed this time around. In the end, they will find their place.


S23, was advanced in middle school, now petering out. He’s been in music for 6 years (band, choir, and musicals) and is loosely considering music ed as a major. He also is in football and track and dreams of doing sports in college but I think he will let that go (although he would prefer colleges with football teams to at least watch but those are limited with FACHEX).

They have been in-person school all year with activities but he’s really hit a wall with his behavior towards academics. Currently with a 3.4. Only taking 1 AP next year (Music theory). Hes also taking 2 what they consider college prep as one gives tech college credits and the other gives in state college credits. I’m letting him take courses that interest him which might not be the most rigorous options.

We will likely be FACHEX and Tuition Exchange eligible. However, as those are competitive, he may be more limited in his college choices. He does not want to stay in state and I respect that but hoping I can convince him to apply to at least 2 in state schools.

ETA: Oldest had an IEP and is in tech school. Youngest enters high school next year.


Well, the PSAT’s were this week and my kid took the test without a calculator. And NOT because she’s so strong in math that she doesn’t need one. She just…didn’t bring one in for the test? I boasted above that she is an organized kid, so I don’t know what to think. Self-sabotage? She keeps saying college is so far in advance and I keep telling her it’s coming sooner than she thinks. I guess the PSAT doesn’t count, so now she knows for the SAT that she’ll really need a calculator. She’s been doing virtual school since Thanksgiving so maybe going in person for just the one day was a big deal. I don’t know.

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My kid took the pre ACT without a calculator one year because they forgot as well so your daughter isnt alone.

DS took pre ACT last week. How did it go? Easy dad, just that a few questions were hard on the math section. Cool.

Mom – how did it go? Great just a few hard questions on the science section.

Sis – how was it? Pretty easy except the reading section was tricky.

I guess we shall find out soon. Lol.


My son did the ACT Aspire test recently. This is a newer test by the sounds of it. All online. He said it was overall pretty easy but we don’t that a kids version of “easy” does not directly correlate to “high score”.

Does anyone have any colleges in mind that might not require full pay for our “normal” kids? I’m just concerned that after covid colleges will have to put the limited funds they may have towards the high stats kids leaving nothing for the 3.5 and under kids.

There are plenty of schools that offer merit to virtually all accepted students. You can look on their Common Data Set and see what percentage of students receive non need based aid.


It will be interesting to see how the common data sets change though this year and next year is my point.

Moderately and less selective colleges and universities are going to need to continue offering merit aid to applicants. That won’t change after this year, especially, even if they’ve taken a financial hit. They need to enroll students, and merit/discounting is an important part of their enrollment management strategy.


My S20 did the same thing when he took his first SAT. When I composed myself enough to ask how could he forget as he was getting out of the car, he said, “It’s just a test, I’ll be ok.”

Afterwards, he said, “I needed a calculator.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thankfully, he took it again and scored signficantly higher on the math section.


My D23 took the Pre-ACT today as well. I asked her how it went and she said it was unnecessary…lol


Big question here…wondering what everyone’s thoughts are about 16 year old’s being vaccinated. I am vaccinated and my D20 is vaccinated. My husband is not interested. My D23 has a congenital heart condition in which she had open heart surgery 2 years ago, she just turned 16 and we are undecided on whether to vaccinate her or not. I say yes, my husband says no. She says she doesn’t know anyone under 18 that has been vaccinated. What is the groups thoughts on vaccination for this age group? No judgement just wondering.

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