Parents of the HS Class of 2023 3.0-3.4

Mine is still working on the common app essay so hasn’t applied to her two rolling admissions schools yet. She’s super busy, tons of homework, and sick. She also has to finish her arts supplement video. At least she has a two week fall break and will be home where I can nag her at the last minute. It’s making me anxious!

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Best laid plans…two weeks after knowing D23 only has 1 short essay left on two of her applications - she only has 1 short essay left on two of her applications. :rofl: She gave me a copy of her rough drafts and I can say, as with all the rough drafts I have ever seen of many students over the years - the essays are rough. :rofl:

I remind myself that she has plenty of time and these aren’t my applications. And that she needs to be the one in charge of this process. It helps that she is busy at school right now with dance team season as well as a good academic schedule so I know she isn’t blowing stuff off. Just figuring out how to fit everything into her schedule. And both essays have great bones, even if they still need better flesh.

She did have an interview for one of her schools. She is applying test optional and most of her schools do ask for/recommend an interview for test optional applicants. She was pretty nervous before the interview and afterwards was like, “I can’t believe I was nervous, the AO was so nice and helpful!”

More excited about that school than she was before the interview, and I was so impressed by what D23 said they discussed. Seems like it went very well. :blush:


D23 said she put more colleges on her common app, but I didn’t see any there….A mystery….So I asked, what colleges? Because when I do the FAFSA in a week or so, I can put them on the list. Her answer: I don’t remember.

I’m hoping those mystery colleges have a free app because I don’t really want to pay an application fee for schools that aren’t important enough to her for her to remember their names. :rofl:


If your high school uses SCOIR that App can be a good way to keep track of the colleges your child applied to, the status of transcripts and recommendations, and the decisions.

Our high school uses Naviance and no colleges are listed there.

It looks like Naviance has an App but I don’t know whether it’s the same as Scoir. If you have a meeting with your guidance counselor they might know if it has the same features where you can see the dates when transcripts are sent, etc.

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I know with our school the kids have to link their common app with Naviance.

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So my daughter got all her apps completed a week ago . It helped that I didn’t ask her anything for over a week then I stated “hey maybe on Sunday night we could submit the apps that you have pretty much completed in the common app that didn’t require any additional minor essays”
Since those who are least all done. I had made an appt with her one day for us to go eat at Panera and just start the common app. I sat with her while she started it. I said we needed to spend one hour on it and so we did. Then she worked a bit more another day.

So then while I was submitted the cc info on each app she said let’s look at the other ones to see if it’s short essays as some were only like 150
Words etc so she knocked them out right there and I was like ok they look fine let’s submit. I know she was stressing about those bc I think I she assumed they were longer and more detailed etc. So all apps got finished in that hour session.

Good luck to all
The other parents…. Second kid is totally different than my first. My first is a get ■■■■ some type of kid and he was on top of it all and is at Purdue now. She is my free spirit, boho, “it will get done eventually” kid……


Yeah got the FAFSA completed. Just need to go back and delete/add two schools. Site keeps having trouble.

Haven’t started the FAFSA yet. Hoping to do it in the next week or two, after some bugs are worked out. How long did it take you?

It was my second time doing it. As long as you have your tax return ready it shouldn’t take more than an hour.

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Just did FAFSA. Super easy.

tax returns, assets info (bank statements), info about 401k donations.

If you haven’t gotten your FSA ID, for student and one parent (and suggest it be the 1st parent listed on the tax return as sometimes the site is picky), do that ASAP. Some of us had issues and it definitely was user error of putting in a wrong date or SSN; the form is grayed/starred out, so you can’t tell when you are putting in the wrong info. I finally just wiped it out and started again.

We’ve done this with our older two, but this time around, we are going to be filling out FAFSA for twins! Any tips? Do we need to fill out two FAFSA’s?

Yes - each of the twins needs an FSA ID. Once you fill out one FAFSA, I believe there is a simple way to transfer the data to the other FAFSA to get that one started.

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Correct, your family info will pull over to additional children.

Hi there,
Any moms of ADHD boys out there?

How many times do I have to prompt him re: recommendations? Also, I reviewed the common app (after school’s college counselor). He had the wrong prompt selected for the essay he used or wrong essay for prompt selected, not reading instructions, UGH.

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Not a boy, but yes, we have the same issues. There are a lot of undotted i’s and uncrossed t’s around here. I’m just hoping that the mistakes remain minor… I’m worried that she’ll miss big deadlines. I know we’re supposed to be hands off by this point, but I’m probably doing more than I should, because she needs to focus on school work.

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Constantly every weekend. I don’t during the week, I know he is busy.