Parents of the HS Class of 2023 (Part 2)

Yea! Its okay. Hopefully they will move on to better things! or find better companions!


CU Boulder with honors sounds like a winner! Honors college definitely takes it up a notch. My D17 was so sure she wanted to go to college on the other side of the country. She ended up choosing a school 3 hours from home and ended up so happy she did!


That was my impression as well. The CS department was moved from the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences (largest school at Pitt) about 5-10 years ago and joined information science as its own school. This was done so more funding can be channeled into these programs. They have hired 12 new faculty in the last 3 years: 8 research faculty and 4 teaching faculty, including one teaching faculty who used to be at CMU. (Note: I really like that they invested in their undergraduate program). About | Department of Computer Science | University of Pittsburgh

The student computer science club has a great wiki page about the program:

@swan1 OK, I obviously want you to pick Pitt CS.:slight_smile:


I don’t think he would switch to pure business but he seems to gravitate more toward the applied mathematics. The question would be would he like options of combining that with economics, bio, etc.

Richmond has a Mathematical Econ major, and the PPEL major
W&M has a CAMS major with various concentrations
Villanova has Econ in A&S as well as in the business school


These kind of stats for colleges are tough to find. One school my kids were looking at had several unexpected deaths but they were all so immediately swept up and deleted off any social media that if I didn’t happen to see that first post in each case, I would have never known.

@sneit (sorry, can’t reply directly to your post at the end of Part 1 anymore):

I’m so sorry. The next few weeks and maybe even months are gonna be really hard. No sugar coating it. My very high stats D21 ended up a ‘safety’ school where she really didn’t want to be, which I detailed in length here: Loving Your Safety School

It’s a great thread for you, and anyone else in the same boat, to follow. (The tl;dr is that she now loves her ‘safety’ school and is just as happy and getting just as great of an education as her friends who went to Ivy’s, Top 3 LACs, etc. And so many other parents report the same).

Your D will most likely have a happy ending as well. Really. But, hugs to you both in the meantime.


In which case it would be difficult to assert how suicide rates (not snapshots of data blips) compare between different types of schools?


Another great option, both in location and quality.
That’s the same deal that had been offered to my daughter. She had visited Amherst on the way to Williamstown and did not “feel” Amherst College, but surprised herself by actually loving UMass.


Yes, plus it was just eye-opening to me when I saw how they dealt with any ‘negative’ news like suicides, deaths, assaults on campus … I much prefer a bit of openness and what we’re doing to help this from happening in the future vs denial.


Thank you so, so much! I look forward for to reading that thread. Thank you for sharing your family’s experiences. :heart:

The valedictorian of my daughter’s boarding school went to PSU Shreyer’s HC over Carnegie Mellon last year! She was a NMF. She is reportedly very happy.


Thanks for sharing ! Will let my daughter know!

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I don’t know if this link has been shared already, but NACAC (National Association of College Admission Counseling) WILL have a list of schools that will still accept application post-May 1st.


The NACAC list may come out before May 1. Last year it came out March 31 and was updated daily.


Visited all 3 of these schools with my D23s (twins) and liked them all a lot! (All three of them made my daughters’ lists.) Based on your son’s interests, the flexible programs at both Richmond and W&M may be a better fit. I know with Richmond everyone goes in “undecided” even for those interested in majoring in business (as are my girls). It’s too bad that Villanova is so competitive even for a business minor because the school overall could be a great choice otherwise.
Good luck with the decision!


A lot of honors programs mean priority registration for classes which can be huge at a large school.


Yea! Thank God! It’s my daughter who will evaluate and decide! We really have not done much for her since her toddler years!
Probably she turned out strong and wise because of immature parents!

Forgot that Villanova has Economics in A&S as well so maybe it is also a good option for your son if his business interest is specifically in Economics.

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So our DC has received the last college decision today. We now need to visit the top candidates and also review curriculum again. Final results are below. Recently DC mentioned law school instead of science PhD which really changes the need to keep undergrad costs low. Our other kid will be a college senior so there’s a slight discount that will disappear at non-merit schools when there’s no longer 2 in college. We’re working through pairwise comparisons to see what shakes out. All are great and DC would be fine at any of these.

Accepted to
Pitt Honors w merit
NC State
UMD Honors w merit

Not accepted


Wow, that is quite a list of acceptances! What’s your child leaning toward?