Parents of the HS Class of 2025

Finals were last month here, we have early August to end of May school schedule, which I love. Kiddo did as good as we thought, all As but in two classes: English (sob) and History.
Finals were very stressful for her, and I think it introduced her to tension headaches. :frowning: One thing she noticed is there were a few kids transferring out of some classes mid-year, which I thought was unusual for non-semester length classes.

Covid is EVERYWHERE. At least 1-2 kids out per class, delay in sports, and sports are returning slowly and with no spectators allowed. :frowning: I feel really bad for the seniors.

I literally got access to Naviance today. That is a pretty cool tool, but I’m not going to encourage kiddo to use it until she absolutely has to.

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No Navience at our school.

Shes debating her sophomore year schedule. I’m letting her drop Spanish. She really needs to learn it (shes Latina) but I think would respond better if immersed in it. She’s in Spanish 3 this year and struggling.
They want her to take accelerated geometry which she isn’t thrilled with. She wants to take AP psychology. She’s looking at Creative Writing as an elective even though her grammar is poor. She’s struggling to find a 1 semester only course sophomores can take that isn’t online and that shes interested in.


Wow, I went to college in a place where 1st semester exams are after the New year and I never really liked it as it make it hard to relax during the break. I’m sure your kids are used to it though and have the weeks after to review and prep for exams.
It’s nice that the teachers are forgoing the exams. It’s such a crazy time. We are trying to hunker down especially as we have forecast for bad weather this weekend and my D25 is not happy she will miss serving in church. Oh well!!


DS’s semester ended in December before the break. He ended up rallying on his final exams (he’s a much better test taker than a homework turner-inner), so he ended with all As and a B+ in one class. New semester is off to a better start than I expected. We’re in the south in a state where masks weren’t required for most of fall semester, but the school (thankfully!) is requiring masks again. No idea how many kids are out, but things are progressing as if nothing is going on. It’s been good from a routine standpoint, but I worry about COVID spread. Hoping the kids stay safe and healthy.

Our stress right now is DS’s extracurricular schedule. This was a kid who was involved in almost nothing in middle school, as he’s not remotely athletic. This summer he decided to take up the clarinet and has managed to practice his way into honors band this semester. He also joined the skeet team at school and has applied for the “scholars program” which he may or may not make. I don’t know how he’ll juggle it all, but I hope he can find a good balance. I’m excited that he’s joining some things though. He’s a quirky kid, and I really want him to find his tribe in school.

Hoping you all and your students stay healthy!


DD25 had the option of accelerated geometry and other than a rigor bump (I assume), it doesn’t provide any GPA benefit at our school. We know a kid that dropped from accelerated geo to regular geo at the break because accelerated was just more material faster and she was struggling. Do you know what the accelerated offers? Is your daughter strong at math?

My daughter wants to take AP psych, too. When do kids normally take it, is 10th too early?

Our GCs lock in core courses based off teacher recommendations. Her dad (my ex) is already pushing for her to do Spanish 4 so I feel she may keep with acc. Geometry to keep the peace with her dad. I’m going to talk with her about it more. She isn’t looking to do a math focused career so not sure issue the benefit of accelerated except rigor for college apps.

Many do intro psych sophomore year then ap psych junior year. Shes really interested in it so I think she would be okay with the work.