Parents Weekend Report

<p>Had a great time at Parents Weekend.</p>

<p>The pool party was very nice. It was nice talking to all the OOS families that attended. One Calif school had 7 kids come this year. Wow! I had been to the outdoor pool area a couple of times before, but had never really walked around inside. I was surprised that it is sooo nice.</p>

<p>Met several of the Col Confidential folks! :slight_smile: Don’t have any pics of us.</p>

<p>Enjoyed the tailgating on Saturday. Met a few San Jose State fans. They LOVED the campus and a couple of families said that their younger kids want to go to Bama now. They also commented about how nice everyone was to them. Bama people had been thanking them for coming across the country to the game.</p>

<p>The game was fun, the band was awesome (altho I couldn’t figure out what some of their configurations ??? LOL ) and the stadium was full. Best looking stadium ever!</p>

<p>Glad you mentioned that about the band lineups, I thought it was just me. Although it probably was very apparent to those who were on the sides instead of the ends.</p>

<p>The only shape I could make out was an elephant’s head ( I think it was an elephant’s head! LOL)</p>

<p>My husband was trying to figure out what they were making, too. Whatever it was, it was awesome. The band was fantastic! Son and I loved their sessions on the quad. We spent a lot of time listening to the drum line and the xylophone players. Husband and I were walking to the stadium as the band came to the stadium. Wow, amazing! Not just the musicians, but the other groups as well. Loved the batons, the flags, the guns? And the championship flags at the end, beautiful! Glad we were up high to see all that, got a great view of the whole thing! Bravo for a great job by the Million Dollar Band! Oh, yes, and great football, too. Loved the cheer every time we got a first down. Roll tide!</p>

<p>My family was also trying to figure out the different configurations the band was making. All in all, my family and I really enjoyed the entire weekend. All the family weekend events were well-planned, everyone was very friendly, and the football game was excellent. </p>

<p>I got to meet m2ck and her family this weekend :slight_smile: , but I didn’t get to meet any of the other parent/freshman CC’ers that were on campus for the weekend :frowning: . If any of y’all didn’t try the wave pool or water-slide during the beach bash, you should have because both were very fun.</p>

<p>I’m very glad that y’all enjoyed family weekend and encourage everyone to attend it next year too.</p>

<p>Roll Tide!</p>

<p>I am so glad you all got to go to my beloved alma mater for opening game weekend!!! Actually, I am a third generation graduate of Alabama, my dad was a prof there, and my oldest son attended for two years before transferring to UGA to complete his degree (Hope scholarship!!). Also, my son and I are both Million Dollar Band alums. </p>

<p>It’s a fantastic place to go to college. Best to you all and a BIG RTR!!!</p>

<p>Churchmusicmom, wow, my hat is off to you MBD alums. Y’all are awesome!</p>

<p>I have not done it since my son was there in school, but for quite a few years I would go back and play in the alumni band for homecoming pre-game. It’s SO MUCH FUN!!! But my poor embouchure is gone and I would probably pass out at this point. hehe</p>