Parents Weekend

<p>Our son will be a freshman this fall and we were wondering whether it would be worth it to fly in for Parents Weekend. It sounds like there’s a lot to do but most of all we’d just like to see our son.</p>

<p>It's worth a flight from anywhere to see your son! Since you're flying, you must be far from each other. Take the flight, I'm sure your son will be glad to see you. :)</p>

<p>We felt it was worth it. There are numerous activities that you can participate in with or without your child. It seemed that girls were more likely to be at these activities/shows with their parents. About half of the parents were without their kids, including us. We took advanyage of about half the programming such as a boat tour of the Charles and spent the rest of our tme seeing Boston. It gave us an opportunity to meet a couple of our S's friends, take him out to dinner and he was actually a little familiar with Boston by then so had a chance to be somewhat of a guide and mostly it helped reassure us that he was adjusting after a challenging first week.</p>

<p>If you decide to go, you might want to make hotel reservations ASAP.</p>

<p>And what is this parent invite for next Sunday?? Is it just a welcome thing for the parents and are the students supposed to go along with them??</p>

<p>It's the official "Welcome to Where Your Money Went" speech. I think that's for parents. There's a Matriculation thing on Monday for students.</p>

<p>My mom flew in last year (and is going to again this year), and even though we didn't go to any of the parent's weekend events, it was the best thing she could have done. I was so surprised by how happy I was to see her. It had been two months, and I was really stressed at the time, so it was really the perfect time for a break. We just hung out in Boston, and it was a great weekend. It is definitely worth it. I think your son will appreciate it more than he thinks he will now.</p>

<p>We met DS for parents weekend when he was a freshman and actually did some of the events. I would say....pass on the outdoor picnic unless you are a soothsayer and KNOW it will be warm. Soph year we didn't go because DS was participating in events all weekend and we would not have gotten to see him. Last year he was abroad. We will probably go this fall because it's the last time...and it really is fun.</p>


<p>Freshman year we stayed at the Hyatt right across the river and last year splurged at the Hotel Commonwealth. Looking for more economy this year but at this point there seem to be very few hotels with anything under $300. so I suggest you book something ASAP. Amerisuites in Medford offers suites with Breakfast and parking for $159. About a 15 min. drive to BU, near Tufts. You can check--evidently some hotels offer a BU rate but not sure if its listed on the BUweb site.
Any other parents with recommendations?</p>

<p>"It sounds like there's a lot to do but most of all we'd just like to see our son"</p>

<p>Do you really need a better reason?</p>

<p>By location: Marriott Courtyard in Brookline or Holiday Inn in Brookline are a short T ride from Kenmore - and a short walk from West Campus. But the Marriott is going to be over $300 because it's very nice. I'd try the Marriott in Kendall Square, Cambridge and the Radisson on Memorial Drive, Cambridge.</p>

<p>Problem is leaf peeping. That weekend is one of the top visitor weekends because of fall foliage. By then it's mostly over in NH and VT but it's often peaking in MA.</p>