Parents' Weekend

<p>Just got back from helping our freshman son move in to Yale. The freshman assembly was not to be missed, as was the chance to meet his suitemates and some of their parents. Plus there was the reception that gave us the chance to meet his residential college's master and dean. Wonderful time.</p>

<p>Now comes Parents' Weekend in just six weeks. Should we go? (I should also add that it means a cross-country flight; we already have hotel reservations just in case.)</p>

<p>I've heard very little about the event...mainly that it's crowded, you don't see your student very much, and students are "distracted" because PW is a week before midterms.</p>

<p>I'd appreciate any thoughts from parents have gone before.</p>

<p>The conflict over midterms is a real conflict....our child is now a junior, and we are not going this year for PW.....we have gone the previous two... we enjoy seeing the kids, taking them to dinner.....going to a football game... but we have the advantage of being only 4 hrs away via car....</p>

<p>If you have reservations, that might be an omen to go!! The example classes they offered during Bulldog Days are also available on Friday of PW. We have never made it down to catch them...but those are some of my favorite experiences... they are not available otherwise......</p>

<p>Another thought is to fly to Boston for the Harvard/Yale game and your child can bus up for like $5 with all sorts of kids...see the game and do time in Boston and then fly home for thanksgiving?? instead of PW.....</p>

<p>I say definitely go, if air fare and travel time are not issues. PW is as good, if not better, than opening days for getting a feel for Yale. If you only go to one PW, do the first. The kids are more receptive to parents for the first one, and more eager to show off the place. After that, they just want dinners out and then to go back and be with their friends, or <gasp> study. Do show up on Friday for the lectures. Don't go to the football game on Saturday; there are better things to do, although you should see the Yale Bowl at least once. Next year, you should skip PW and just go for the weekend of The Game, which is actually better than PW, although the weather can be glorious or dreadful. There is always plenty to do on any weekend, although PW is especially crazy. I went to the first, was out of the country on the second, and blew off the third because of bad weather. My son didn't care one way or the other. But of course, I live close enough that I can do foolish things like show up on Old Campus when they had the judging to select the latest Handsome Dan. It was a fabulous day; YPMB, ESPN, and all! Hope you enjoy PW if you go.</gasp></p>

<p>W and I are going to our second PW this year. We had a lot of fun last year watching D play her club sport, watching Y play Dartmouth in football (in a monsoon) and then watching a soccer game, which is right next to the Y Bowl. There are a lot of parents around but it didn't seem too crowded. We had no problem getting dinner reservations.</p>

<p>It's is also fun to go to brunch in your S/D's college dining hall. D's didn't remind me much of the cafeteria dining room in old Bursley Hall at U of M in the early '70s. Try to meet (if you haven't already) yourS/D's college Master and Dean.</p>

<p>I also hope to catch a performance of some kind this year.</p>

<p>P.S. If you decide not to go and have reservations at the Omni/New Haven Hotel/Marriott Courtyard/Colony and you aren't going to use them, would you transfer them to me?</p>