Parents Weekend

<p>Hey! I am stuck up here in the cold and wet! Would love to hear about parents weekend.
How was the concert? Did your kids make time to see you? Any surprises? How were the restaurants? How were the crowds?
All I know is that D got her desk chair. H & D listened to the game from the roof of the library looking at the lights of Boston. Not the aurora, but in D's eyes equally as beautiful.

<p>The food suddenly skyrocketed in terms of food quality, not that it wasn't good already.</p>

<p>Crabbylady- Parent's weekend was great! Boston was a happening place with the
Red Sox excitement, Head of the Charles and so on. We spent a good deal of time with our D, mainly meals out on the town, but also her sporting event and Head of the
Charles. She is happier than I ever could have imagined. She adores her roommate,
classes and dorm and probably most of all, her independence. Definitely feel we're getting our money's worth! Went to the North end one night for wonderful Italian with
D and friends. Also Legal Seafoods one night and a Mass Ave. restaurant another
night. Too much good food! The campus was beautiful and the foliage at its peak.
Took S with us who is a highschool junior and he is now thinking Tufts! Not the same
stellar student as D but should have a chance nonetheless if he is really interested.
Lookout poorhouse, here we come! By the way, my D is on first floor South. Seems like a really fun dorm. D says it's like a big family.</p>

<p>We also had a magnificent weekend, which son dubbed "Parents Weekend Food Festival." LOL! Friday we went to Davis for burritos with some of son's friends and parents, then to wind ensemble concert then into Boston for ice cream. Son decided to stay with us at Amerisuites, which was nice for us and a break from routine for him.
Saturday we went to breakfast at Sound Bites in Somerville, and then back into Boston. Took a driving tour of my old neighborhood in Cleveland Circle, then my husband's by B.U. We saw the crowds for Head of the Charles but were sidelined by a Chocolate Festival by B.U. :) The rest of the day we just hung out in Boston, sightseeing, showing son our favorite neighborhoods, including Back Bay and Copley Square. We decided to park by the North End Waterfront since we were going to have dessert there, then took the T back to Copley's Legal Seafood (I wonder if we were at the same one as Cali???) and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner while watching the sun go down over Boston. Then we took the T back to Haymarket, walked thru the Fanuel Hall area and back to the North End where we had wonderful cappuchinos and cannolis. It was funny because the 1st game of the World Series was being played and we could keep score by the horns honking when the Sox scored! LOL.<br>
Sunday was a lazy day, woke late, checked out. Had brunch in Carmichael with son's friends and parents, then to the bookstore where we bought (more!) Tufts apparel. Then, back to his dorm where we shared some nice hugs and said goodbye.
Tufts is definitely the right school for him. He's challenged by his classes but doing very well. He's making friends through his dorm, the music ECs, his classes...he is SO happy. So, I am happy. :)
So, that's my report. :)</p>

<p>We were at the Legal Seafoods at Park Place our fave. Did you make it to Ipswitch?</p>

<p>No, we were at the one in the mall. I love the park place one, its my fave too. Never made it to Ipswitch. The weather was really too cold and we were feeling rather lazy. :)</p>