Parents: will you be attending Convocation?

<p>I received an email today from Michigan about Convocation and a Convocation dinner that parents were invited to attend. I'm not sure if it makes sense for us to go or not? Any advice from veteran parents? It's one of those things where I would hate for my daughter to be the only kid without parents there but worry about the converse too -- she may want us to go. Thoughts? Experiences? </p>

<p>Thanks! We are having the same debate around Parent's Weekend too.</p>

<p>We are not going to either-our other kids are heavily involved in football so that is the priority for us. Just tell your child in advance what you plan to do. I don't think the majority have parents attending. I asked my friend who has had 2 kids go through u of m and she has never gone to any of these activities.</p>

<p>We're not attending either. I would've considered it if his move-in day was Sept. 1, but since it's Aug. 31, it would mean staying overnight and my husband and I taking an additional vacation day from work Thursday. We are about 2 hours from A2, so we will be heading back home late on Wednesday. I've heard it's nicely done, but by no means necessary.</p>

<p>If it's convenient for you to attend, it is really quite a lovely event...but not necessary if it is a hardship. Probably half the parents go and half have already left town. Our D was happy to have us there and we truly enjoyed it. It's a nice tradition.</p>