Party Scene at Xavier?

I’ve already gotten accepted to Xavier and right now it’s one of my top choices. I was wondering if any students or alumni could tell me a little bit about the social scene and the parties. From what I’ve heard, Xavier isn’t a huge party school, which for me is a good thing. But at the same time I would like to go to a school where the students still know how to have a good time and where I could maybe drink a little on the weekends. I’m not looking for anything over the top, but a calmer, still fun social scene. Would Xavier fit into that criteria?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Peter. I’m currently a freshman, and the party scene here at Xavier definitely isn’t the greatest compared to other schools. There are some bars off campus that kids go to that can be pretty fun. Also, some students go over to the University of Cincinnati or another campus to have fun. If you don’t go off campus there are usually parties along a street called Clenay which tend to be VERY hit or miss house parties which I would say are usually a miss. If you aren’t a big partier like me and just want to go out every now and then Xavier is good you will find a group that will want to go out every now and then, but don’t expect a giant new experience every time you go out. It will usually be the same old same old until you branch out and go to parties and stuff off campus. I hope this helped, I don’t know if it did, but either way Xavier is a great school, has great people, has nice small class sizes, and the basketball games are unbelievable to go too! Good luck with your college choice!

spongebob12, thanks for the feedback. Our son has also been accepted to XU and hasn’t decided yet among his options. We’re going visit campus in March and he’ll see a friend of his who’s also a freshman there. Would you say that the less-than-typical college party scene at XU translates to more time focused on your studies, or does it (for example) just mean more time for video games! Also, if there isn’t such a big party scene, how do students meet each other socially?

peterkorch, did you decide? Our son just visited this past week, he has pared it down to two final choices, and it looks like it’s XU for him. I think the overnight stay with his friend, and going to classes with him, was the decider. He met lots of other students and said it felt “manageable.”