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<p>okay so i'm from CT and just booked a flight for berkeley on august 14th. the berkeley site says that you have to have 20% of your fees paid in order to be considered "registered." do they mean 20% of tuition costs? i'm not totally sure how my parents are going to pay tuition & room+board, even though i looked through the student billing website and tried to learn what the first steps to take are. can anyone help me out? will a bill be mailed to my home that's more clear than the summary on MyFinAid?</p>

<p>Each semester is separately billed, even though you have a 'school year' contract for the dorms.</p>

<p>The room and board portion is billed in 10 equal payments. </p>

<p>Tuition (student services, education, campus, class pass and student health insurance fees) is $6,230.75 ($5,469.75 if you waive the SHIP health coverage because of parental health plan that covers you). This is for state resident, otherwise add $11,010.50 to the total. </p>

<p>That 'tuition' fee is presented to you but you can choose how to pay it. Either send the entire $6,230.75 plus a month's room and board, or pay 20% of the tuition. That puts you in the deferred payment plan, which bills 1/5th of the tuition for the next four months, plus a $40 fee for using the plan.</p>

<p>Thus, when the first ebill is mailed to you it will list both the full payment amount due for tuition plus a month of room/board, and the smaller payment to pay tuition over five months (plus the month of R/B). This bill is due August 15th although there is little problem with paying it a bit later. </p>

<p>To use a made up example of an incoming student, accepting the student health plan, and assigned to a triple in unit 2. Tuition for Fall semester is $6,230.75 and room and board for the month is $1,160. There is a credit for the housing deposit. The bill will list an amount to pay of $7,090.75 or a payment option of $2,106.15 which you pay to begin the deferred payment program. </p>

<p>The subsequent month's ebill will show the $40 charge if you picked the payment plan. It will also have the $2.406.15 charge for September. If you didn't pick the deferred payment plan, you would see a charge of $1,160 for room and board only. </p>

<p>The bill will actually be much more confusing. You will see all ten months of room and board listed (but each with a due date of its relevant month). You will see the tuition fees. You will also see a housing deposit credit. </p>

<p>There will be an account balance that consists of the entire year of room and board plus the first semester tuition (but not the Spring semester tuition). Ignore that. </p>

<p>You also see a minimum amount to pay listed. It is not. That is the amount to pay to cover all the tuition for the semester plus the month's room and board. An even 'minimumer' amount will be listed in some text messages in smaller print which tell you that you can instead choose the deferred payment plan. They tell you the smaller amount that represents the 1/5th of tuition plus the month of R/B. </p>

<p>Finally, even after you pay it, anytime to pull up your ebill it will still list the amount due. The ebill is a snapshot, a picture of a physical paper bill on the day they issued it. Any payments, other charges or credits will show up as transactions on the following month's ebill. If you look at the CARS quickstatement on Bearfacts, you will see the actual live amount you owe for the month, as well as the remaining charges that will be on future ebills. A new charge (e.g. if you buy student football tickets) will add to the future account balance.</p>

<p>Your parents can sign up to electronically make payments when they get the ebill. Everything about this is covered on Student</a> Billing Services, University of California, Berkeley</p>

<p>And if you have financial aid covering it all, what happens then??? Does it just deduct the monthly amount from the total financial aid amount?</p>

<p>@momfirst3, all the amounts are billed in full upfront and you have the option to use a payment plan to spread out the charges. If you have enough financial aid to cover the bulk of the charges, the bill will be reduced accordingly and you will simply be responsible for the remaining charges.</p>

<p>Okay, thanks Ms. Sun. My son has financial aid to cover everything so it looks like he is good to go. :-)</p>

<p>But then how do you pay if you don't have a bank account in the States... and you're reaching... sometime after 8/15??</p>

<p>You generally have about three weeks from the ebill until the technical due date (15th of month) but in reality there is no immediate consequence if you miss that date. </p>

<p>International wire transfer is the common method for overseas students, I think. CARS</a> Payment Options</p>

<p>Thanks a lot! :)</p>

<p>?!?!? Link please!!!
the earliest one I know of is 8/15!!!

<p>Thanks!!!!! :d</p>

<p>Hey Rider, become our FINAID rep will yea?</p>

<p>Hi! I just checked my ebill today and the tuition fee is for nonresident when I am a resident of CA. Just for a quick info below is the ebill statement i saw.</p>

<p>Fall 2010
As of: July 23, 2010 12:00 AM</p>

<p>Fee Description Amount Assessed*
NONRESIDENT - UG $11,010.50

Assessed: $17,670.25</p>

<p>@cbpunim3, I've heard several complaints about misclassification of residency status. You need to get in touch with the registrar's office to get it straightened out. The contact information is at Legal</a> Residence Information - Office Of The Registrar</p>

<p>Does every student have to set up an e-bill account?</p>

<p>Is it possible to pay everything up front? My mom doesn't want to stress about the bills. And if we have a University Scholarship, how does that get factored into the billing statements? So far my mom's been paying everything via her credit card, but I thought we had our own school account/billing system in which everything gets charged to, and then that account/system bills us? Or do I make no sense?</p>

<p>Sorry, strike my last post. Just figured it out. However, unlike a previous poster, when I logged onto my eBill, it doesn't show me any fees... My tuition, room and board, etc., aren't showing up. I have a bill of $0?</p>

<p><strong>EDIT</strong> Ah, I see the bill now. It's on a different page than the bill summary!</p>

<p>Currently my residency status states "pending" and the office of registrar said that
if they don't get to my file before the fee due on August 15th, I would have to pay the non-resident fee and get a refund after all is determined </p>

<p>there is no way my financial aid/ my parents can cover all the cost, so they gave me a few options, including paying the amount without the nonresident fee first. I can go with that, but I have a few questions about how to pay for the dorms?</p>

<p>I think I remember during orientation that I can choose to pay all of my dorm fee with my financial aid if I can, covering all ten months? Is that possible? If you have financial aid that can pretty much cover all of resident fee of one year worth of tuition and housing, is there a way I can just pay all of that without the nonresident and then not bother with it for the rest of the year?</p>

<p>@stevenboi27, you can access e-Bill through BearFacts. Your parents should sign up for e-Bill if they want to review the charges or make/receive payments online; otherwise there is no need to sign up.</p>

<p>@cbpunim3, I mentioned this earlier in this thread. All fees are billed in full upfront and if you have enough financial aid to cover the bulk of the charges, the bill will be reduced accordingly and you will simply be responsible for the remaining charges.</p>

<p>Has anyones financial aid/student loans been applied to the eBill website yet?</p>

<p>check your quickstatement on bearfacts, not ebill, because ebill is a static page that won't change for 30 days until the next one comes out, even if all the finaid is paid in one day after the ebill was generated. the quick statement will show you the amount going down and more importantly if the amount to pay goes down to zero, you don't need to do anything in spite of what the ebill says.</p>