PCC -> B.S in Art

I need some advice from who transferred to a 4year University in Art from PCC. I’m just taking general classes here and haven’t decided my major yet. What major should I choose if I would like to transfer to an art school or art major and how to prepare? I’m looking to UCLA(UCs),USC, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell. I know … dream big! Please give me some tip!

I am not someone who transferred to a 4 year university in Art from PCC.
Nevertheless here’s what I can offer:

  • My understanding is most serious art departments want to see a portfolio of your art work for them to evaluate.
  • You can probably look at the websites of the various colleges (art specifically) to find out what they want transfer applicants to submit and what they expect of them.
  • As for general coursework, you can look up what their first year art students generally take and try to mimic that as best you can. They have "general ed" requirements that you can maybe polish off at your current school.

There is a “visual arts” subforum on CC, maybe that can be of some help.

I’m assuming you’re referring to Pasadena Community College, which is the first result when you search for PCC in Google.

Here’s a tool from PCC for transfer requirements:

PCC Transfer Tool: https://pasadena.edu/academics/transfer-center/transfer-tool.php

All of the UCs (except LA and Berkeley) participate in the Transfer Admission Guarantee program (TAG program) for students from California CCs. The requirements for admission vary based on intended major.

UC TAG: https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/admission-requirements/transfer-requirements/transfer-admission-guarantee-tag.html

@Gumbymom is familiar with the UC Admissions process at the freshmen level, and will likely be able to provide more insight than I regarding transfer admissions, given that I am not a CA resident.


@Ohm888 is the UC transfer champion and they are very knowledgeable about the UC transfer process.

I suggest you start a new discussion about the UC’s in the UC transfer forum.