Penn CAS vs. Cornell CALS

<p>Which one has a better reputation/more prestige?</p>

<p>and which one has a better education?</p>

<p>Penn cas for psychology or biology and society at CALS</p>

<p>People confuse penn for penn state, but consider cornell the "worst ivy." Also Cornell location is seen as a negative. However, Penn does not seem to focused on its SAS school.</p>

<p>I wonder if anyone is going to respond to this ...</p>

<p>Ha, I was just kidding. It's just that you mentioned Penn State, and care about that. Fact is, everyone who matters knows Penn. That should be all that matters to you.</p>

<p>why? I think it is a legitimate question</p>

<p>Honestly, I think once you get up to Ivy level, it's a shot in the dark. All of them would give you excellent, albeit different, experiences, and the education will be just as prestigious. Just say your an Ivy grad ;)</p>

<p>Go with whatever fits the best and gives the most money.</p>

<p>Well I think you have stated a few common misconceptions about both schools. Cornell is seen as the worst ivy only because it used to have a much higher acceptance than the others. Although it still has a slightly higher acceptance rate than the other ivies, admission is just as competitive. It is also known to have incredibly rigorous academics. Cornell is definitely one of the best places to get an education.
Penn's tendency to be associated with Wharton is much like Johns Hopkins' tendency to be associated with their medical school. Yes Wharton is a substantial part of Penn, but at the same time, it is still only a small part of what the university has to offer. The humanities departments such as English and History are some of the best, and the medical school is consistently grouped with Harvard and Johns Hopkins, just a few examples.</p>

<p>@jacypenn: Thank you for your kind response :D Yeah my friend told me its just like splitting hairs. Once you get to such a level it does not matter. </p>

<p>But the thing is cornell is rank 15 while penn is 4!!! I mean I know its wrong to pick a school because of rank on USNWR but 4 dominates 15 in my opinion. Isn't an education from a top 5 university better than a top 15?</p>

<p>@powme: thanks! It was really helpful. Yes, your right! haha, i am sorry i introduced them in my post, its just that most of the public thinks that way. I have overbearing asian parents who are rank heavy... but their decision should not affect my life</p>

<p>But i am worried to make a choice i will regret.</p>

<p>If I were you, I'd go with Penn. Well, I did go with Penn. But it was my only choice... haha</p>

<p>haha can i ask why?</p>

<p>@plato: haha you have a point. Im sorry i mentioned that, but i really cant help caring about it haha. And your right. employers will def know penn. </p>

<p>Do you guys know about workload? Like I hear Cornell is insane and "the hardest ivy to stay in" but whats penn like?</p>

<p>I don't know anything about workload, but I have heard that Cornell is the hardest to stay in. I would choose Penn because of its location and reputation, and its status as the "social Ivy". I like Penn's campus too, although I've never been to Cornell's.</p>

<p>bump? anyone have any more thoughts?</p>

<p>Cornell isn't as cut-throat as people say. I studied there for a year before transferring to Penn.</p>

<p>You need to visit both schools and decide for yourself. I will tell you this, however: if you got into Penn CAS, even if you have only average stats compared the rest of the successful applicants, chances are you will be in the top 10% of the CALS school. While some schools at Cornell are comparable in selectivity to other Ivy League school, CALS is not.</p>

<p>You may worry that Penn's name is confused with Penn State, but it tops most ranking systems of colleges, is one of the most selective schools in the entire country, has tons of top-5 or top-10 professional schools and academic departments, the 5th biggest endowment in the world, and is in the unique position to launch itself into the academic stratosphere (becoming on par with HYPSM, in other words) in the next 15 years.</p>

<p>Cornell, partially because of its odd location and state school drag, is NOT going to do that.</p>

<p>If you want to be part of that, come to Penn. If you don't care for that at all - and honestly, many student do not, which is OK - see which school fits you best.</p>

<p>^well put merte, MUCH appreciated. You all have certainly added tomy thought process and I shall ponder it for a few days. </p>

<p>Honestly i might send deposits to both and decide a few weeks later because I am really bent. like really bent, i cant decide.</p>

<p>Reputation is probably about the same but I would probably choose Penn just in case you decide not to go into the sciences. However, if you're in-state CALS will be cheaper so that may be worth it to you. Visit both and see which one you like better.</p>

Reputation is probably about the same.


<p>No. This is incorrect. Anyone with college-age children, any employers, and certainly any high-school or college-age teens will tell you that Penn is objectively more selective (higher average SATs, higher percentage of students in top decile of high school class, higher... everything). Certainly more selective than CALS, which is a state school, but that basically goes for the other colleges at Cornell as well.</p>

<p>And simply in terms of ranking: Penn has been ranked between 6th and 4th for over 12 years, while Cornell generally ranks in the teens.</p>

<p>It is true that CALS is on the whole somewhat less selective than some other colleges at Cornell. But it is well known that there is a tier of great students at the contract colleges who are quite highly qualified and attend there to save money. As far as I can tell, the subsequent career paths of these individuals is not impeded in the slightest by their college choice. I know several from ILR who are now partners at Wall Street law firms, and two CALS biology grads who, last I heard, were professors at Princeton. The CALS biology major is exactly the same as at CAS, it is shared between them.
As a biology major in CALs, vs. CAS,if you get the same grades in the same courses either way, there's little justification for your subsequent options, building on that field anyway, to be much different.</p>

<p>^ Wrong.</p>

<p>In the NRC rankings, eleven (11) Penn SAS departments ranked in the top 10:</p>

<p>Art History (#9)
English (#8)
French (#5)
Linguistics (#5)
Music (#7)
Religion (#10)
Spanish (#6)
Neurosciences (#10)
Antrhopology (#6)
Economics (#8)
Psychology (#8)</p>

<p>and another 5 were ranked at 11-14:</p>

<p>Classics (#13)
Comparative Literature (#11)
Ecology/Evolution/Behavioral Science (#14)
History (#12)
Sociology (#11)</p>

<p>NRC</a> Rankings in Each of 41 Areas</p>

<p>Granted, these rankings are from the 1990s, but I seriously doubt that Penn's rankings in these areas have fallen since then. If anything, they've generally risen in these and other SAS departments, as Penn has poured literally billions of dollars into the arts and sciences since the 1990s, significantly improving faculty, physical plant, and student quality and selectivity.</p>

<p>^ I didn't MISS them. I was merely demonstrating how your allegation that "[m]ost of Penn CAS departments rank about 15th to 25th," was utter nonsense.</p>

<p>Also, you're obviously unaware that Cornell's CALS (the subject of this thread) is its College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, not its College of Arts and Sciences. Your obvious anti-Penn bias is really making you look quite silly (yet again).</p>

<p>What happened to your "7" screen name, by the way? Did you get banned from CC for your inflammatory anti-Penn trolling?</p>

<p>what happened to that guy who came out with all those "why can't Penn place anyone at Cal Tech Astronomical Horticulture grad program?" threads, I really enjoyed his work.</p>

<p>^ I'm pretty sure that this is the same guy.</p>

<p>ahh come on guys please don't argue. I am really stuck on deciding between these two schools and have a shorter time.I do not want to make the wrong decision and end up regretting it. :(</p>

<p>I looked up those ranks and eco, evol, bio is number 4! although idk if its cas or cals. </p>

<p>But honestly, do you guys think if i pick either one it would not make much of a difference?</p>