Penn Interview in Delhi

<p>Wait, did all of you guys have your interviews all together? Like a single place having some interviewers, names being called out and all?</p>

<p>@mechrockz- Yep. But many times even the most intelligent investors follow others and make mistakes. Like what happened during most part of the last year in the markets. There was no recession but markets crashed when media reports acting like doomsday clocks started scaring the wits out of everyone.. Its this behaviour what Alan Greenspan called "Irrational Exuberance"!</p>

<p>Anyway figured you might find this article interesting enough..</p>

<p>Is</a> The Market Rational? No, say the experts. But neither are you--so don't go thinking you can outsmart it. - December 9, 2002</p>

<p>@mechrockz do take yourself too much inside efficient market hypothesis. from last 2 years that is what i am learning...... well for the interview it is good to brag intellectual stuff like this;)</p>

<p>@jaipur I hope that bragging intellectual stuff helps , I am looking forward to brag again for my Brown interview, my EC did graduate from Economics, I have been into investing since past 6 months , at present I am reading Intelligent Investors (had to read that afterall it's the Bible of investing).
& u have been learning about efficient market hypothesis since past 2 years thats amazing.</p>

<p>Guys I am also an Indian studying in an Indian school...bharatiya vidya bhavans...but not in the Kuwait...and an interview!! I don't think there are interviews do I like ...have to like come to india for the interview..???</p>

<p>No you'll have your interview in your current country of residence, if it is available there.</p>

<p>Its great that your interviews went well, guys! :) Congratulations! :D</p>

<p>@ anirudha1993: anyway best of luck!</p>

<p>@tastycles: we don't have interview sessions here!! Should I contact the university about this issue?? One more thing....anirudha1993's email told no standard test scores required??? Means u still have a chance without super scores???</p>

<p>It's not that SAT scores don't matter; They are not the deciding factor if you score a 2000+ on the SAT and all other things are near perfect.</p>

<p>^Now not too much anti-whateverism Hitler. You might end up shooting yourself in the head :D</p>

<p>@AdolfHipster - I have founded two registered NGOs ( One is in New Delhi and the other is spread accross the Naxal hit North Bengal villages. ) which are recognized by the government. I am writing two books on the Indian socio-economic system. I think my application won't be thrown away without a glance.</p>

<p>But I know I am doomed to get rejected from every college I have applied to. And even if I get in then I am doomed to remain unemployed. ( Pol Sci major )</p>

<p>I love to help people who are not as privileged as we are so working to improve their lives is much more important to me than scoring 2400s on the SAT. </p>

<p>And I also love fooling myself and I am way to optimistic. I will not lose hope even with a below 2300 score till I get officially rejected on 29th March.</p>

<li>By the way I do not need to be too sad, I already have 2 full rides under my belt.</li>

<p>@anirudha- full rides where?!</p>

<p>full rides! awesome! where all?</p>

<p>Adelphi University - Honors College and Kent State University - Honors program</p>

<p>I know they are not great colleges but don't laugh please ....</p>

<p>Anirudha1993 : so u practically like need need need a + 2000 on your SaT for getting accepted??? Like really need need badly??!!! I haven't given a SAT yet!! (I have !! But don't consider it an exam cuz I didn't like the scores at all :P ...!! )</p>

<p>@shreepriya - Most of the time I guess if you do not have something VERY VERY SPECIAL.</p>

<p>Check the common data set of Yale, Stanford, Princeton. You'll find out that very very few people get in with a score of less than 1900.</p>

<p>I do not know how safe my score is but Harvard had emailed me that my scores are good enough. ( Mind you Harvard's email was not a reply to my email but before my SAT II exams they sent an email wishing me luck and said that I should not worry about my SAT I scores, they are fine )</p>

<p>Well I think you should concentrate on things like sending your SAT score which is essential to the app than optional things like interviews.</p>

<p>You are right.</p>

<p>I am getting too anxious about the interview even though Harvard states that lack of interview is NOT detrimental.</p>

<p>^^Don't worry too much! People have gotten in without giving interviews, you know :P</p>